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BlissDom Canada was incredible because of everyday people #BlissDomCA

BlissDom Canada had an amazing team that put the conference together. They had a rock solid group of community leaders, a fantastic line-up of speakers, great entertainment, yummy food, awesome sponsors and yet when I reflect on my time at the conference something else comes to mind.


Everyday people.

What made BlissDom incredible for me was the fact that every single person that attended had a story. Some people had heart wrenching stories, some people had overcome fears, some people were well known, some people had deep secrets,  some people had a contagious smile, some people made new friends, some people watched from the sidelines, some people cried, some people had a way with words, some people felt awkward, some people felt in their element.

The thing is, no matter who it was that came to BlissDom Canada 2013 – the fact is they came, and every single person who  came to BlissDom Canada is important, incredible, talented and beautiful – and that in itself is worth celebrating. People do not have to be well known or famous to be important.

blissdom Canada

I decided not to link to specific bloggers in this post because of the lesson I learned from my 8 year old daughter. She invited all 18 girls in her 3rd grade class to her birthday party a few weeks ago because she did not want anyone to feel left out. I don’t want anyone to feel left out either. I wish I could have taken a photo with each and every one of you too. The best I can do is mention the BlissDom Canada 2013 Twitter List of attendees.

As I sat at a table leading a microsession on “monetizing your blog” – I wanted every person at the table to leave at the end knowing without a doubt how incredible and amazing they were. I told the women how just like the numbers on a scale do not define the person the person they are, the numbers on their blog do not define who they are either. Yes, sometimes people need certain numbers to get specific opportunities, but I also believe staying true to who you are and believing in yourself will result in success. I am getting messages and emails from people I met and when they tell me how happy they were with the information I provided to them, I can’t help but feel as though I was the one who was blessed to have learned so much from each of them.

(I had a terrible headache for 2 days of the conference, it definitely had me feeling a bit out of my element, and kept me a little more subdued, but I had the chance to connect with some people I may not have connected with if I had been feeling 100% – Thanks to the people who had headache medication along!!!)

I want to give a special shout-out to Penningtons who provided me with some outfits to wear during the conference. I am a plus size woman and having beautiful clothes that are comfortable and fit my curves is amazing. Every woman, no matter what shape or size wants to feel and look beautiful, so I was happy that Penningtons helped me feel gorgeous in my attire. Their fall line is filled with deep, rich colors that make me embrace this fall season even more.

penningtons Collage

This next photo is one of my favorite shirts from Penningtons and the locket I’m wearing is from Close To Your Heart Lockets by Total She. My hair and make-up was done by The Beauty Team.


Thanks to the incredible sponsors!


Blissdom Canada
If I did not get a chance to personally tell you how amazing you are, please let me tell you now….You are smart, You are beautiful, You are important. Never Forget That.

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Monday 19th of January 2015

woow nice admin..


Saturday 26th of October 2013

Awesome post Jodi! In a way I'm glad you had that headache but only because otherwise I never would have come up & talked to you. So thank you Aleve for allowing me the courage to go up to & talk to a person look up to :)

Jody @ Mommy Moment

Saturday 26th of October 2013

Oh Dayna, I hope I do not seem unapproachable when I don't have a headache. It's quite the compliment to hear you look up to me, but please know that I'm no better than anyone else. We should all be supportive, encouraging and kind because that is what makes the world a better place. (Hugs)


Saturday 26th of October 2013

Great post. Glad you found it as rewarding as I did.


Monday 14th of October 2013

You looked amazing! :) I'm glad to hear you had such an amazing time at Blissdom - it always looks and sounds like such a wonderful experience from the stories I have heard!


Sunday 13th of October 2013

Great post Jody :)