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Bionaire Air Purifiers are Customizable for the Needs of Your Family #Giveaway {CAN Only}

Once again it is that time of year where we make promises to ourselves – some that we never keep.  We hit the gym for 2 weeks and then quit.  We eat no chocolate for the first week, then we have once a week, then it becomes the daily occurrence once again.  We all want to be healthy in some way this year.  An easy way that has helped me to sleep better at night is by breathing clean air thanks to Bionaire air purifiers.


My husband says that having this air cleaner in our room reminds him of the old television infomercial saying by Ron Popeil, “just set it and forget it”.  It really is just like that – simply set it up, turn it on and walk away.  This is the way to clean living starting with the air we breath.  The simple switch controls the speed and the air is cleaned by a simple process that uses filters which are simple to replace on the machine.

My favorite feature is that this air purifier is CUSTOMIZABLE for the needs of the family.  Basically it means that there are filters specifically for cold and flu season, total air wellness, odor control and for allergy suffers.

The aer1 filter series helps reduce allergies like rag weed and pet dander, dust and even bacteria that cause colds and the flu.  With the amount of sickness going around, it is sure nice to know this filter is helping keep the flu causing bacteria away!


This air purifier is also equipped with an ionizer which helps clean the air and makes the air we breath full of negative ions that helps purify the air around us.  Did you know that indoor air is 2 – 5 times more polluted then outdoor air?  Did you know that the average Canadian spends 90% of their time indoors?  Health Canada developed Air Quality guidelines that summarize the health risks posed by indoor pollutants like dust, mold, pet dander and bacteria and they recommend limiting exposure to indoor air pollutants in order to avoid potential health problems that can result.  That was news to me!

 Bionaire® Allergen Remover Mini Tower Air Purifier

Air purification systems like the Bionaire® Mini Tower Air Purifier filtration removes up to 99.97 per cent of airborne contaminants to help reduce allergies, dust and other effects of indoor air pollution.

• True HEPA filtration is 99.97 per cent effective in capturing airborne allergens
• Arm & Hammer ® enhanced filter helps to reduce common household odors
• 3 speed settings with a digital timer
• Optional ionizer to assist in particle removal
• Recommended for small size rooms, up to 80 square feet
• Available at Wal-Mart; MSRP $99.99

Bionaire aer1 filter series

It is the first filter system customized to effectively address your specific needs. Aer1 filters help reduce up to 99.97 per cent of air pollutants while eliminating odours and fighting germs.

• Four custom air filters ensure you have the perfect solution suited for your needs (Total Air, Odour Eliminator, Allergen Remover and Germ Fighter)
• Advanced dust eliminating power
• Infused with Arm & Hammer® Baking Soda for household odour elimination
• Includes germ-fighting silver technology
• Compatible with all Bionaire aer1 ready™ air purifiers
• Available at Wal-Mart; MSRP $17.99 – $34.99

For more information please visit: or

So, if you’ve given up on a New Years resolution that was just too hard to keep, get yourself a Bionaire Mini Tower Air Purifier and start breathing easier and feeling better!


Canadian Mommy Moment reader will WIN a Bionaire Air Purifier.

To enter to win, leave a blog post comment telling us which room in your house you would use this air purifier.

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Laura Moneo

Sunday 3rd of March 2013

I would use it in the basement


Saturday 2nd of March 2013

I would definitely use an air purifier in the basement

Wayne Lecoy

Sunday 3rd of February 2013

Please Enter Me In Your Giveaway. It Would Be Great To Win The Bionaire Air Purifier. In Response To Your Question Of Which room in your house you would use this air purifier. I Would Use It In The Living Room. Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!!


Sunday 3rd of February 2013

The kitchen could use it for sure :D

Brenda Burgess

Sunday 3rd of February 2013

I would use it in the family room