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Let’s talk about ways to avoid mom burn out. When you become a mom, you not only are a mom; you are a teacher, a doctor, a nurse, a cook, a maid, and everything in between. Although, you may need to take on all these tasks, it’s important to remember you do not have to be supermom. If you try to do everything all the time, you’re going to burn out… remember this piece on deconstructing supermom?!!!

ways to avoid mom burn out

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TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF:  You have to take care of you, too, when you’re a mom. If you want to avoid mom burn out, take a few minutes each day to be by yourself, or take a day a week to go out and do something you enjoy.

SLEEP WHEN THE KIDS SLEEP:  You may have heard the phrase “Sleep when the baby sleeps,” but I am telling you to sleep when any of the kids is sleeping. They don’t care if you had a long night or how late you were up, so make use of the time you get to sleep.

DO A LOAD OF LAUNDRY EVERY DAY:  When you’re a mom the laundry never goes away, but if you do one load a day, you can prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed with laundry piles. Wash, dry, and fold only one load a day.

MAKE A CHORE CHART:  You don’t have to do everything! Other people in your house can help out; even little ones are capable of doing something. If you have toddlers, give them a rag and let them dust away. Give older kids tasks such as vacuuming or sweeping. If there are other adults in your house divide up dinner duty and dish duty along with other tasks for the week.

LET STUFF GO:  Sometimes you just need to let the house go. If you have a million and one things going on, staying up late getting the house in order isn’t going to make you feel any better. When it comes to your health, sometimes you just have to let stuff go.

Being a mom requires much sacrifice, but it shouldn’t take you to your breaking point. Don’t be a victim of mom burn out. What other tips do you have to prevent mom burn out?

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Calendar image via Shutterstock

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sabina Edwards

Monday 23rd of May 2016

I''D HAVE TO add start giving out chores to your child at a young age (I feel I waited til they were too old, and by the time I started them, they really expected me to do it all, like it was my job etc) YES to giving another adult some work.... I don't care if its your spouce/other half, or even a grandparent, EVERYONE (unless they're comatose or have dementia) can help around the house, even if it means wiping down the kitchen counter every day!!! SMALL things matter and make sure you let others KNOW that they hell they give you is so much appreciated...making others feel appreciated is a big part!!