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Wordless Wednesday ~ I need Sleep #Linky


Wednesday 1st of August 2012

VERY COOL. Thanks for the video!

alissa apel

Wednesday 1st of August 2012

I couldn't believe how little a lot of other kids sleep compared to mine. We had company this last weekend. Their 4 year old son goes to bed at 11. Then my husband sent a text to one of my oldest son's friends to see if she could come over at 6:30? He didn't text back, so we just guessed that they weren't coming. I was giving the boys a bath at 8 and the doorbell rings. It's Mica's friend, her 2 sisters and their dad. I'm thinking, "Hummmm?!?!?!" They were there until 9-9:30. 7:30 is my kid's wind down time. 8 is when I try and get them in bed. They probably don't fall asleep until 8:30. They both nap. One is 4; he naps most of the time. The other is 7; he naps 2 times a week. My boys play hard and sleep hard!

Mom Foodie

Wednesday 1st of August 2012

That is all fine...if you can take a

I pop a couple vitamins in the afternoon.