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Valentine’s Day Looks Different For Everyone {itty bittys™ Disney® Happy Hearts}


Valentine’s day looks different for everyone. For some people Valentine’s day is about gifts, for others it’s about the intangible “I love you’s” and candlelit dinners and for some it is just another day on the calendar.

How can these 3 groups all cope on this special day with their partners?

Some people love the gifts and want to have the tangible items that remind them that they are loved.  While this may seem odd to some, to these people that is simply their love language and there is nothing wrong with that.  Don’t forget that they want the trinkets or the big ticket item.  Either way getting them gifts will pay great dividends for the giver later! From specialty gifts including singing plush toys and Blooming Expressions Flowers, to exquisite Signature Greeting Cards, there’s no better way to share the love with gifts than with Hallmark’s 2014 Valentine’s Day offerings.

Now there is the intangible people who look for acts rather than the objects.  This could be anything from a simple candle lit meal to a foot rub to a handmade card (what our kids are famous for).  While this is not a expensive as the first person, it requires thought and time to plan for this one.  Take your time and DO NOT leave this to the last minute.  Remember your partner takes time for you…return the favor.

And for the person who does not recognize this holiday…they are a work in progress.  Do what you can to make them feel special.  Think about some of their favorites and try to incorporate this into their day.  Valentines day is a day to make people feel special, and these people need a little extra nudge to make this day theirs.

The final tip for Valentine’s day is to make everyday special.  Do not leave this to just one day, but make it a daily occurrence of appreciation for your partner.  No matter what type of person your partner may be…make everyday Valentines day.

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Laurie B

Sunday 2nd of March 2014

I would love to win because my daughter and myself are HUGE Disney fans.


Sunday 2nd of March 2014

Perfect gift for my niece


Sunday 2nd of March 2014

My 4 year old would love these as a gift. Too cute!

Danielle Lytwyn

Sunday 2nd of March 2014

They are so cute and my daughter would love them.

Shemp DeYoung (@shempgames)

Saturday 1st of March 2014

My daughter asked for these for Valentine's Day, but they were sold out at the store before we got there.