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Tweet the @Twelpforce $100 #giveaway from Best Buy

If you do a Google search of “where is Best Buy”, the good folks at Google know where you are and will find the closest physical location one to you.  Well guess what…Google is wrong!  Yes I said it, the all-knowing, all powerful Google is wrong, because the closest Best buy to you, whether you are living in Tuktoyaktuk or in the GTA is Twitter.  Best Buy is known for having knowledgeable staff that can help you while you are in the store.  However thanks to Twitter, the expert advice that all Best Buy employees are known for are at your service.  Welcome to Twelpforce.

Twelpforce is a new concept by Best Buy to try and assist their customers with any product questions they have.  They are there to assist you with whatever electronic questions you might have.  It does not matter if its televisions, stereo’s, video games or cell phones.  Weather you bought if at Best Buy or their competitor, they will help you.  If you need a new one or just want to fix it, they want to help you.  If you want to know what is the latest rating on a new video game, head phones, or anti-virus soft wear, they want to help you.

So who is they?  They are the Best Buy employees who work in Best Buy stores.  Not a call center in some overseas location where are not sure what a 1080P television is.  These are real blue shirt employee’s of Best Buy who are racing to answer your question.  Many of these employees are in the store and want to help you with your question with no strings attached.

Simply log onto your Twitter account and channel the knowledge of these tech experts.  Find out what you have been missing out on no matter how far away you are from one of their stores.  The Geek Squad and blue shirts are waiting for your questions on Twitter, just tweet @twelpforce!

So get out there and may the Twelpforce be with you (Yes that was cheesy, but maybe the Tewlpforce can help me with this too).

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Don’t know how to get the URL of a tweet? It’s Easy.

Find the tweet you want the URL to:

Then Click on the Time Stamp:

Then a new window will pop up showing the tweet.

Just Copy the URL from the address bar like the one shown here:

Good Luck!

Katherine Williams

Monday 4th of June 2012!/agent3012/status/204080623411933184 &!/agent3012/status/204080785957994497

Miranda W

Saturday 2nd of June 2012

Q - A - Pending

Tooth Fairy

Saturday 2nd of June 2012

First Question not answered yet... Second Question just for the record... Will comment if they reply on time?


Wednesday 30th of May 2012

Question: Answer:


Tuesday 29th of May 2012

I actually have an honest tech question, this was helpful!