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Russian Nesting Doll

I just had to share with you this AMAZING deal! I had never ordered from this company as it seemed to good to be true. But with this purchase…Traditional Russian Wooden Nesting Doll (5-Piece Set) for only $4.66 and FREE shipping ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! I just had to try them out.
My order arrived in about 6 days and there were no hidden fees or customs
The biggest doll was a bit hard to open, and the smallest one is quite loose, but WOW, I am impressed!

Has anyone else ever ordered anything from Deal Extreme? I have not really looked through everything they sell, I just found them when doing a Google search for nesting dolls!

The Sunshine Crew

Thursday 4th of March 2010

Very cool! I somehow missed this post before about the nesting dolls. I had some of those dolls when I was a little girl. They are fun and educational, too.

The Brandt Family

Thursday 24th of September 2009

WOW What a great price!A would love one of those as well