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Top 12 Birthday Party Lessons

 Helpful advice for party planning parents.

Top 12 Birthday Party Lessons

12. Plan ahead.  It’s no surprise that a birthday will happen again each year.

11.  What is your budget? Be realistic. Stay within it.

10.  More is less.  Better to do some things well rather than nothing at all.

9. Don’t over invite.  One sure way to cause stress is to invite lots of people and be overwhelmed by them.

8. Plan to do something.  Don’t expect eating and gift opening to be activities for children.

7. Traditional games are fun.  Freeze tag, memory, blanket forts, dramatic play, puzzles and card games.

6.  Crafts are great, they make an easy activity and take home favor.  Necklaces, bracelets, decorating loot bags or party hats are very inexpensive and fun.

5. Invite older children / tweens / teens  to help organize the kids and run activities.  These ages often love this responsibilities.

4. Limit your party to two hours.  One hour of activities, one hour for cake, food, etc.  It’s far better to send kids home wanting more than longing to leave.

3. When it comes to loot bags- less is more.  Try to give away one better quality item then a whole bunch of throw away ones.  A comic, coloring book, markers, a ball or a jar of play dough will likely be played with several times.

2. Cupcakes or cookies. Lots of children are very happy with a small cupcakes or cookies.  Large pieces of cake are often wasted.

1.  Remember to include the birthday child in the planning process (especially as they get a little older).  The kids can make decorations and help plan the activities that will make lasting memories for their friends, and especially for the birthday party child themselves!

Happy Celebrating, Happy New Year!

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Cindy Despins is the founder of  As a stay at home mother of 2, she loves to provide her children with opportunities to play, be creative and learn.  She loves to share these ideas with other children and help parents out with her birthday party packages.


Teresa M.

Saturday 5th of January 2013

These tips are great for all Mums with birthday party aged kids. Sara is older so I am past this but I remember it as being one of my favourite times with her. I usually had her parties at the pool. The recreation centre provided everything but the cake. We had a craft party one year. The children decorated their goodie bag and when they went to leave I filled it with lots of fun things. I agree, stay away from the dollar store and put in something that won't be in the garbage at the end of the day. For Sara's last party, she filled out thank you cards and placed a five dollar bill in each...that was the goodie...the look on their faces was priceless...thank goodness it was a small party.

Viv Sluys

Friday 4th of January 2013

I am working on planning one right now! Thanks for the tips/reminders!

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Katherine G

Thursday 3rd of January 2013

These are great tips!!

jodi shaw

Thursday 3rd of January 2013

These are great ideas Jody! :) My hardest one is staying in budget, I always go over LOL. This is a handy check-list you can print out to remind you what you need to do and stay on track.