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Tips for Using Those Turkey Leftovers

With our American friends starting to head into the Thanksgiving season and with some of us here in Canada celebrating Thanksgiving a little late this year, it’s that time of year where you invite all your family members over to enjoy large suppers.  As usual you cook way way too much food.  And at the end of the evening you have enough Tupperware containers to feed an army of kids for a month.  However there are lots of options for you and your army of plastic containers.

Turkey turkey turkey.  We all have our fair share of this in our home and I am sure it is not different in yours.  As for what do to with all the turkey, the possibilities are endless.  Let’s start with a casserole dish, take some de-boned turkey meat and lay it down in a baking dish.  Lay the rest of your gravy over the meat and lay some leftover veggies over the gravy.  Next add the leftover mashed potatoes and top it all off with the leftover stuffing and voila!  You have a casserole made with all the leftover basics from a great family dinner.  I view this as a special treat because it is not that often that we have all these great ingredients together at once.

And lets not forget about the rest of the turkey.  In a large pot, boil the rest of the leftover bird, meat and all, for about 1 hour.  Add some spices and herbs and you have turkey soup.  It is way better and more healthy than anything you will get in a store.  Boil some noodles and you have a great soup.

This is a great time of year to use all those leftovers to try something new and creative.  Do not be afraid to try something new and use those leftover for something good, rather than taking up space in your Tupperware containers.  You don’t have this opportunity to use all this food everyday.  Share what you have done with your leftovers, with everything from ham to yams…and enjoy the season.

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