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Growing a garden doesn’t have to mean acres of land to grow rows and rows of plants. If you are new to gardening or have limited space you can grow your garden in a container of your choice. If you are planning on putting it on your deck or patio, a raised garden is a great option because it is easy to access. There are many different types of raised garden containers so you can find what works best for you.

tips for planting a raised garden bed

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#1)  CHOOSE PLANTS THAT THRIVE WELL in the area you live: When looking for the best plants to grow in your raised garden bed, the best place to start is with plants that grow and live well in your local area. If you live in a place that gets cold weather, you don’t want plants that thrive in a tropical environment. Check with your local garden center to get an idea of which plants grow and thrive in your area.

#2)  ROOT VEGETABLES are some of the best plants to grow: Vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and radishes are great for raised gardens because you have control over the soil they are growing in. Since you’re the one who will choose and buy the soil for your garden bed, you can be sure it is free of rocks or other debris that can interfere with the growth of your root veggies.

#3)  LEAFY GREEN VEGETABLES & TOMATOES are other great plants to grow: Leafy green vegetables, like spinach, is great to grow in raised garden beds for a couple of reasons. One is because the soil warms faster giving you a jump start to your growing season. Two, your raised garden will drain excess water quickly and your vegetables won’t be sitting in water for too long allowing them to get soggy. Tomatoes are good for raised garden beds because you can add extra fertilizer or compost to give them extra nutrients they may need to grow.

raised garden bed tips

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Whether you are looking to start a raised garden because of limited space or because you are new to gardening, a raised garden bed is a great option. There are many different plants that thrive in raised garden beds, it is just a matter of learning what grows well where you live, and what fits best into your lifestyle.

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