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The NHL is Back and Scholastic Has Some Great Reads to Help You Celebrate!

With the exciting news of the NHL lockout being over, we thought it would be the perfect time to share with you some great hockey reads from Scholastic!

For your little hockey lover, My First Hockey Book written by Ian Crysler, is the perfect book.  EVERY Canadian child needs the My First Hockey Book.  This book features all the great aspects of hockey — from ball hockey with friends, to games at the local rink, to hanging out with dad and watching the game.  My boy loved this book!


The Big Game (written by Gilles Tibo) is a neat book that talks about the distractions and pressures that parents, coaches and fans can put on young players.  Nicholas is tired of all the advice and pressures from his parents, coach, spectators and even his OWN SISTER.  So Nicholas comes up with a plan to get rid of the distractions and help his team win the game!

Following a catchy rhythm of a counting song, Over at the Rink tells the story of a great day at the local rink.  From one until 10 you are your child can count through the excitement of a game at the rink.  The humorous illustrations from Scot Ritchie definitely make this book a favorite!

Do YOU remember the “golden goal” scored by Sidney Crosby at the 2010 Winter Olympics?  Relive that moment with the book Crosby’s Golden Goal by Mike Leonetti.

Crosbys Golden Goal

Tyler has grown disheartened with the game of hockey.  It has taken over his life, and he just doesn’t find it fun anymore.  But watching Sidney Crosby’s passion for the game during that nail-biting gold medal match between Canada and the US inspires Tyler to return to the ice and take time to enjoy the sport he loves.

Do you have hockey fans in your house who would love to read these great hockey books from Scholastic?  Are they excited that the NHL lockout is over?