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The Most Delicious Canadian Monthly Box Subscription!

Are you a Foodie?  A “real” Foodie?  Or a “wannabe” Foodie?  I would consider myself a “wannabe” Foodie and my husband a “real” Foodie.  Either way, is for you!

FoodiePages logo connects you to the best food and drink makers across Canada. Their marketplace is like a virtual farmers’ market, currently featuring 100 Canadian vendors selling over 800 delicious edibles directly to you.  You can either shop directly from their website or you can sign up to have their monthly subscription box – the CHEF’S BOX – shipped to your front door each month.

The CHEF’S BOX Subscription is a monthly box subscription service that delivers unique and hard-to-find gourmet foods to your door, curated by a top Canadian chef.  Each month, your CHEF’S BOX includes 5+ gourmet foods and delicious recipes from a new chef.

April’s CHEF’S BOX is hand-picked by mom and celebrity chef Trish Magwood!  In this month’s Chef’s Box, you will find Trish’s favourite Canadian food finds.  She also shares delicious recipes to use for your Mother’s Day brunch.  The 2 recipes included are Trish’s Family Granola and Trish’s Cornmeal Jammy Muffins.

Chef's Box

Trish’s favourite finds include:

Dark Chocolate Caramel Sauce from Cocolico in Vancouver, BC ~ This rich Dark Chocolate & Caramel Sauce is the perfect accessory to cake, brownies and ice cream — YUM!  Try it fruit or even by the spoonful — Delish!  Want a little more flavor in your afternoon latte or coffee?  Why not stir a spoonful or two to make your afternoon sweeter.

Nova Scotia Wild Blueberry Preserves from Stasis Preserves in Toronto, ON ~ These blueberry preserves are great on toast, bread or even stirred into your favourite greek or vanilla yogurt.

Country Garden Honey Bear from Heavenly Honey in Blackburn Hamlet, ON ~ country garden liquid honey is delicious and great for sweetening tea, toast, yogurt or baking.

Gautemala-Forrestal Medium Roast Coffee from Merchants of Green in Toronto, ON ~ Merchants of Green Coffee mantra is Fresh Coffee, Fair Trade, Green Business.  This coffee is 100% organic arabica coffee and comes from Sumatra, Ethiopia and Guatemala.

Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks & Organic Chai Masala from The Spice Trader in Toronto, ON ~ The Spice Trader always has fresh spices ready for you to use.  The Organic Ceylon Cinnamon has papery quills with many layers.  Chai means tea and Masala means mix.  This blend tickles your taste buds and has the right spiciness of clove, cinnamon and black pepper.

The Chef’s Box subscription is $55 per month, $150 for 3 months or $270 for 6 months. is offering Mommy Moment readers a chance to experience the CHEF’S BOX for yourself!  Simply use the promo code MOMMYMOMENT for $10 off the purchase of Trish’s CHEF’S BOX.  This promo expires Monday, April 22nd!  Why not treat yourself or another mom this Mother’s Day!

You can also check out FoodiePages’ Tasting Box subscription.  The TASTING BOX provides you with 5 scrumptious tastes every month.  Enjoy these items from some of Canada’s top foodmakers.  This box provides you with the chance to sample and learn about the incredible culinary talents right here in our own back yard.

Tasting Box


Pamela Fontaine

Friday 19th of April 2013

What a great gift idea!!! Thanks for sharing!