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Many of us have heard people going on and on about the good old days of parenting. People lamenting on how times have changed, and many seem to think it hasn’t been for the better.

I have to be honest; I tend to disagree.

The good old days of parenting may be over, but it is just as good now.

Different, but good.


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You see, a lot of people think that the good old days, were the best days.

They draw conclusions about new parents, thinking that we do not have enough sense to properly parent our children.

This is simply not true.

While the good old days were good, they were different, and that doesn’t make them better.

You see, I believe that each generation has had to raise their kids depending on their current societal needs.

The way each generation has parented greatly relies on things like which neighborhoods they live in, what schools their children can attend, medical and scientific facts, and more.

This is one factor that has not changed in my opinion.

Many of us parent the way we parent because it is “with the times.” I wouldn’t go buy a rotary phone (even though they still MAKE them!) and make calls on it.


Because technology has grown with the times and so has parenting.

Think about it, if our parents were raising us in this day and age, as opposed to decades ago, they would have to face many of the same influences we do today.

This would also have impacted the way they parented.

I have said it before, and I will say it again.

Yes, parenting has changed but so have a lot of other things.

Technology has advanced, we have more in-depth research to reference when it comes to parenting, and society has transformed.

Sure, your mom may have sent you out to play in the morning and told you not to come back until the streetlights came on, but that probably greatly depended on what kind of neighborhood you lived in.

That may not be as possible for some parents in today’s society.

Sure, many helicopter parents of the present day tend to over parent their children into entitled helplessness.

I have heard that again and again.

Ugh, parents these days just do not know what they are doing.”

The truth is though, past generations haven’t all been perfect either. Plenty of parents from decades ago have damaged their children’s mental health and more.

This is not just limited to our generation.

We all make mistakes.

As far as I am concerned, parenting now is just as good as it was in the good old days. It is different because people have changed and adapted to the ever-changing conditions of the world.

Which is only natural.

Kindly stop judging each generation of parents because you think you know better. It doesn’t do anyone, any good.

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