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We’ve all been there.

Your sister, sister-in-law or best friend announced they are expecting a baby.  Exciting right?

Now you are planning the baby shower and want to shower them with the perfect gift and are looking for the BEST baby shower gift ideas.

We’ve got the ultimate list of baby shower gift ideas where you will find the perfect gift.


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BABY BREEZA – with the Baby Breeza, you can make a warm, formula bottle instantly!  Perfect for those middle of the night feedings.

BABY MONITOR – be able to hear and see your baby without having to go into the room to check on them.

BABY SWING – lull your baby to sleep and get some much needed hands-free time with a swing to rock your baby and lull them to sleep with music and vibrations.

BABY WRAP – when baby doesn’t want to go down in their crib or swing, a baby wrap can still let the new mom get some stuff done while soothing baby.

BIBS – perfect for nursing babies, bottle fed babies, and babies who tend to spit up.  Keep those outfits looking clean and dry with a set of bibs.

BOTTLES – whether you are nursing or bottle feeding your baby, a bottle can come in handy no matter your situation.

BOTTLE WARMER – no baby enjoys drinking cold milk.  With a bottle warmer you can make sure that your baby’s bottle is the perfect temperature.

BREAST PUMP – when you are a nursing mom, there will be times when you cannot be with your baby during a feeding.  With a breast pump, you can pump when you can and keep the breast milk for those times you can’t be with baby.

CAR SEAT – one of the most important baby accessories!  If the parent already has a baby car seat, buy the next size up!

CRIB SHEETS – babies spit up and poop A LOT! So chances are those crib sheets are going to get dirty often and will need to be washed.  Having extra sets around is a lifesaver during the middle of the night.

CRIB MATTRESS PROTECTOR – great for keeping the crib mattress clean and dry with a waterproof crib mattress protector.

DIAPERS – Whether you will use disposable or cloth diapers, parents will be going through LOTS of diapers, especially during those first few months.  Purchasing a few different sizes allows the parents to be prepared for growth spurts.

DIAPER GENIE – a diaper genie is a great way to store those dirty diapers and keep the smell out of the nursery.

ELECTRONIC THERMOMETER – an ear or forehead thermometer will help the new parents check on their baby without waking them from sleep.

GLIDING ROCKING CHAIR – moms and dads everywhere will get lots of use out of a gliding rocking chair, especially during those late night feedings.

HOODED BATH TOWELS – hooded bath towels are a great gift idea!  Perfect for keeping baby warm and dry after a bath.

JUMPAROO – once babies start to move, a jumparo is perfect.  It allows them to be active and mom can rest assured they aren’t getting into anything they are supposed to.

NOISE MACHINE – a simple sound machine is great to have in a baby’s room. White noise will cover any loud or annoying noises that might wake up baby.

NOSE ASPIRATOR – for those times when baby’s nose is stuffy, an aspirator is a great tool.

NURSING PILLOW – a nursing pillow helps nursing moms hold their babies more comfortably.  And for those mom’s who’ve had a c-section, they can be a lifesaver!

ONESIES – babies will need a lot of these, as newborn diapers don’t always hold what they are supposed to.

RECEIVING BLANKETS – great for snuggling with baby, wrapping them up for nighttime and keeping them warm outside.

ROCKING BASSINET – a rocking bassinet is perfect for babies who aren’t ready for their crib and will help soothe them to sleep.

SIPPY CUPS – before you know it, babies will be ready for sippy cups.  It might seem like a “too old gift” but parents will love having them on hand.

SLEEPERS – choose an adorable baby sleeper as a gift.  You can NEVER have too many!

STROLLER – strollers are perfect for taking babies out on walks or to use in the mall.

STUFFED TEDDY BEAR – every baby needs a stuffed teddy bear.  In fact, it is one of the most purchased baby gifts ever.

SWADDLE BLANKET – swaddle blankets are great for those babies who need to be wrapped up snug to sleep.

TEETHING TOYS – teething can start as early as 4 months!  Teething toys will help soothe babies gums during those tough times.

WIPES – wipes are great for more than just dirty bums.  Wipes work great at disinfecting shopping carts, wiping sticky hands and dirty faces.

WIPES WARMER – a wipes warmer allows parents to warm up the cold wipes before wiping and cleaning the baby’s bottom.


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