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A marriage is hard work to maintain sometimes, but the truth of the matter is that marriage counseling can benefit couples greatly through teaching new ways to problem solve, communicate effectively, get needs met, and work together.

There are so many people that stay in unhappy and unhealthy marriages until the resentment builds so much that they feel they have no choice but to get a divorce and move on.

The problem is that they don’t make their unhappiness known, and just go on with life hoping that things will magically change.

The benefits of marriage counseling


If you are resistant to marriage counseling, you are only stacking the odds against your relationship.

Even if you have gotten to a point where you feel like there will be no moving forward and divorce is the only option, the only way you will truly know is if you try.


When you visit a marriage counselor you will have the opportunity to get to the bottom of repetitive arguments and issues.

Underlying fears can influence the way you deal with everyday situations and a marriage counselor has the ability to help you see how this can take place for you in your marriage.

Getting to the bottom of an issue can help you to break the negative patterns in your relationships and the arguments will become less until they dissipate entirely.


Marriage counseling invites you to take a step outside of everyday life and focus more on your relationship and creates an environment that encourages open communication.

You will then have the chance to listen to each other without interruption.

When you are unaware of the negative patterns in your relationship, you end up creating an energy that leaves you feeling disconnected. A counselor can help to ensure that you better understand each other through a more positive way to communicate.


Visiting a marriage counselor can show the level of commitment you are investing in your relationship. Neglecting the problems in your relationship will only make them worse, but by making the effort to try, you are investing in the will to change.

Your willingness to change is a huge step in a more positive direction for your relationship.

Marriage counseling - what are the benefits


Feeling disconnected in your relationship can have a negative impact on your level of intimacy.

By attending marriage counseling, you are opening the door for deeper emotional intimacy. This can have a huge effect on how connected you feel and your overall happiness in the relationship.

There are many benefits to attending marriage counseling with your spouse, you will be able to realize your fears, get unstuck, show your commitment level and even deepen the intimacy you have in the relationship.

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Monday 17th of December 2018

Great post! I also read your 15 tips. Married 36 years I agree with all the tips. Some made me smile. I remember the 7th year was the hardest too. We almost gave up but we didn't & it worked far lol Marriage Counselling should be mandatory at 7 years & maybe ever 7 year just to remind people why they are together. Although we didn't get any I do think it would be beneficial. I regret to think that most problems are caused by money issues and getting counselling is another expense that can't be gotten. That is my experience with family & friends anyway :(