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The Adventures of TinTin

Big surprise on the video game front – I actually enjoyed a video game based on a movie.  Let’s be honest, aside from a few exceptions most video games based on movies are a combination of boring and bad game play.  Did “The Adventures of Tintin” by Ubisoft, fit into the regular mold of movie based video games? Surprisingly no.

“The Adventures of Tintin” has good game play and was not boring.  If you are looking for an interactive story, then “The Adventures of Tintin” fits the bill exactly.  The game mechanics are easy to pick up which makes this game very easy to play.  The mix of cut scenes in the game makes it feel like an interactive movie more than a game at times, but overall the game is fun to move through.  The different mini-games are splashed throughout the game to keep things interesting.

Was “The Adventures of Tintin” a typical game pick of mine?  No, but I am glad I was given the opportunity to play it.  I cannot say that I would replay this game because of the challenge but I can say that I would replay it because it was easy and fun to play.  To be able to say that about a movie based video game says a lot.  If you enjoyed “The Adventures of Tintin” the movie, you are sure to love this game.

Craig is a self proclaimed geek with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems.  Craig has been working in technology for over 10 years and involved in video games a lot longer than that!  He is married to Angela, the blog assistant for Mommy Moment, and together they have 2 children.