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Make Your Own Lacing Cards

Well, Christmas is over and we have MANY beautiful cards kept in a box. What to do with those cards? Reuse them for lacing cards! Your children will love looking at the photographs of their families, friends, and winter images while exercising fine motor skills. This fun can extend throughout the year. Collect interesting photographs …

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A Look at Practical Life Through Pictures!

The Practical Life Area in a Montessori Classroom or Montessori Home may look very simple, but it’s purposes are a foundation for Montessori Work and Materials throughout education. Each area of Practical Life carries the same goals for the child- the direct aims of Coordination, Cooperation, Concentration, and Independence. Everything here has its place, which …

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Cold Weather Dressing Basket

A very important component of Montessori Philosophy is Independence.  Anything that parents and teachers can  provide to do for him/herself is a great benefit to the child.  This week’s activity is considered Practical Life, Care of Self. For each major seasonal change, I like to provide a dressing basket to prepare and practice for the …

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