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Steve Light Story Boxes #Giveaway from Guidecraft (arv $50)

Steve Light Story Boxes from Guidecraft

When I was a child the best part of school (other than recess) was story time.  It still is my favorite time; gathering the children around as they use their imaginations in the story.  Guidecraft now sells the Steve Light Story Boxes that will make story time an even bigger hit in our home classroom.

Steve Light is a fellow educator and story teller.  Steve will share a story with props for children to recreate the story on their own.  I have been given the opportunity to try Little One Inch, the story of a one inch tall Japanese warrior.

In the story, Little One Inch starts off as a small child who is a blessing to an older couple who desperately want a child so they make a wish on a star.  The child grows in age but not in height and eventually decides he wants to become a warrior.  His parents support him and he starts his journey and eventually becomes the guard to the princess.  Little One Inch eventually is put to the test, but you will have to find out the conclusion on your own.


This Story Box full of all the resin pieces you need to create your story.  All pieces are hand painted and strong enough to tell your story with all the banging around you need to get your students into the story.  Guildcraft has 3 other Story Box stories by Steve Light such as The Girl Who Loved Danger, Hansel and Gretel and Rapunzel.   Each Story Box also contains the story that you can read or use as a guideline to improv your own story.

These neatly packed Story Boxes will be a hit in your classroom and make story time a hit, like it was for you when you were a child.

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Giveaway Moment:

Each Month a Guidecraft Educator gets to offer a giveaway. This month you can enter to win a Steve Light Story Box (arv $50) from Guidecraft on Pre-K Pages. But HURRY this giveaway ends JULY 30th!


Pamela Spann

Friday 3rd of August 2012

what a great way to tell/retell stories. My class would love this.