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Keep Learning fun with STARS WARS Workbooks

I have often talked about how while our kids go to a public school, we take learning seriously here at home.  My husband and I both believe that while their main learning takes place at school, it is our responsibility to complement and add to the learning at home.  One way we do this is to have our children work in workbooks covering a variety of subjects that they both love and could use a little help in.  One way to help engage children, is to have favorite characters grace the pages of their workbooks.  One way we keep learning fun is with Star Wars workbooks!

Learning with Star Wars

Parents are always on the look out for new tools to give their kids a leg up in a fun and educational way.  These Star Wars workbooks fill that vacancy.  Featuring favorite characters like Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Jedi, and Sith these workbooks are filled with thousands of original illustrations from the Star Wars universe. Kids find these themed workbooks fun even though they are an unplugged version of their favorite characters.

Star Wars Workbooks

My son had seen these Star Wars workbooks in the store earlier in the month and begged me to buy them for him – although I didn’t purchase them that day.  The moment we received these books, my son was enthralled with them.  He immediately grabbed a book and sat down to look through the pictures and start working on the different pages.

Parents will love the jam-packed books with hundreds of curriculum-based activities, exercises and games.  These activities reinforce what kids are learning in the classroom, from numbers to the Language Arts.  I love that my kids are having fun while learning at the same time and my husband loves that while they are learning, they are falling in love with characters he loves as well!

Star Wars workbooks fun




Angie Andrews

Saturday 15th of November 2014

encourage reading and making all sorts of crafts


Saturday 15th of November 2014

I use every opportunity as a learning experience. Whether going for a walk (science), or baking (math). Watching TV (history). Pointing out objects in French and Swiss (2nd language).

Stephanie LaPlante

Friday 14th of November 2014

Educational games. When you're having fun, you don't realize you're learning.


Tuesday 11th of November 2014

I use a lot of documentaries and other media to help the learning experience.

Angela Mitchell

Tuesday 11th of November 2014

We do a lot of reading. My daughter watches some educational shows and is allowed to play some educational games on the computer as well. She also has work/activity books that she enjoys.