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Did you know many companies have 3 shifts? This means families’ schedules can be all over the place, and that doesn’t even take into account activities such as basketball practice, tutoring or dance recital. With so much going on, sometimes it’s tough to spend time together just as a family.

tips for spending time together as a family

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Have you heard this question before? Maybe from you’re significant other, or maybe from your kids.  Here are some reasons why spending time together so important:

  • Spending family time promotes bonding.
  • Families that spend time together understand love better.
  • Child success is attributed to having parents that are involved.
  • Communicating helps parents know their children’s social group.
  • Youth who spend time with their families is less likely to engage in substance abuse or violence.

Spending time together is obviously important, but how do you spend time together with such little time?

HAVE DINNER TOGETHER:  Most families have forgotten how simple and needed eating together is. Take one or two days a week to eat dinner together as a family.  Talk about your days and reconnect.

PLAN A MONTHLY GAME NIGHT: Simple board games have been proven to be a lasting childhood memory that builds bonding and feelings of love.  Play a game and laugh together.

REMINISCE WITH EACH OTHER:  Make time to talk to each other about the “good old days”. Share stories about your life and look through picture albums.

SPEND 5 MINUTES BEFORE BED TALKING:  Make it a routine to find out how each other’s day was every day. You can do this right before bed by allowing each family member to say what the best part of their day was.

EAT BREAKFAST TOGETHER:  Pick a day of the week to get up early and eat breakfast together.

WORK ON PROJECTS TOGETHER:  If you have to fix up the house or fix the car, do it as a family.

TAKE A WALK TOGETHER:  Whether it is just around the block, to the park or the ice cream shop, take a walk together. This promotes conversation and bonding.

SCHEDULE TIME IN:  Pick one or two ways to spend time with your family each week and make a point to schedule that time out.

Making time for each other is important. Whether it’s once a week or a few times a month, take the time to just be with each other.

What other ways have you found to spend time with your family?

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Victoria Ess

Tuesday 26th of April 2016

The tip to schedule time in is so useful! We always do that and it works well.

Diana Powell

Tuesday 26th of April 2016

Love the eat breakfast one . Perfect way to start the day.