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“Baby, it’s cold outside!”

holiday helper tips

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Just because the Christmas Season falls during the coldest part of the year, it doesn’t mean you need to cover up those gorgeous legs of yours during your holiday parties!

With a season full of holiday parties, you want to look and feel your best and Schick can help with their many great shaving options!


#1)  When cleaning up areas like the underarms, shave from the bottom up allowing the Schick Intuition razor to glide over the skin.

#2)  Skin is at its most sensitive immediately after shaving. If you must moisturize immediately following shaving, select a cream formula rather than a lotion.

#3)  Continue to shave frequently year round. For tricky spots like your knees, bend slightly to pull the skin tight before shaving. For the bikini area, shave horizontally, from the outside to the inside of the upper thigh and groin area, using smooth even strokes. Finish by applying a moisturizer thirty minutes after shaving to replenish and hydrate skin long into your night of holiday fun.

#4)  Before applying the Skintimate shave gel, exfoliate your skin using a moisture-rich scrub to buff away dead skin particles. We all know with winter comes dry skin.  Use a moisture-rich razor like the Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle for a close shave that moisturizes up to 2 hours after shaving, and provides silky smooth results.

Do you have a favorite Schick product?

I do!




When I tried the the Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture razor for the first time a couple of years ago, I was hooked!  Not only does the Schick Intution Razor keep your legs and under arms smooth there is no need for the shave gel bottle to enter the shower with you!

What HOLIDAY HELPER tips do you have when it comes to shaving during the holiday season?

Schick wants to help you get ready for the holidays with one of these FUN HOLIDAY FRAMES for your Facebook profile pic.

Visit for more information or be #SchickSavvy and head over to your local Shoppers Drug Mart for your winter skincare needs!



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Linda H

Tuesday 27th of December 2016

I always use Schick and a moisturizer afterward.

Carole Dube

Sunday 18th of December 2016

I really like Schick I found it give a really nice shave! I really like tip #4, I didn't know that!


Saturday 3rd of December 2016

My favourite tip is #1) When cleaning up areas like the underarms, shave from the bottom up allowing the Schick Intuition razor to glide over the skin. The more I use the Schick Intuition, the more I like it.

Ann Bacciaglia

Thursday 24th of November 2016

I will have to pick up some Skintimate shave gel to try. I like to exfoliate before I shave to get the best results.

Claudia Krusch

Thursday 24th of November 2016

Love all your tips! My skin gets so dry in the winter! I love Schick!