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Saturday Pajamas Cartoon


When I think of Saturday morning, coffee, comics and pajamas come to mind. My husband loves nothing better than to sit and read the the comics – it’s always the first thing he reads. (Yes, even online – he always reads his favorite comics before checking out the news).

I’m thrilled to announce that our Carl’s Life Cartoon feature is back on Mommy Moment.

If you are not familiar with this feature – you can find the Carl’s Life Cartoons under the humor tab above.

Saturday Pajamas Cartoon

Does your man ever come home to find you in pajamas?

You can bet my husband does!!

pajamas cartoon

Happy Saturday everyone – hope you enjoy your day whether it’s a pajama day or not 🙂

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Cory Graham is married to his university sweetheart and father of two children. Drawing Carl’s Life cartoons helps him to express that, what comes naturally to most, does not come naturally to all. All of life’s short comings are funny given enough distance and the right angle. Cory’s main philosophy is, “Live life and laugh at it”.


Janet M

Friday 3rd of January 2014

So true!!

Beth Merriman

Wednesday 25th of September 2013

Lol thats too cute!:-)

Lynn M

Tuesday 24th of September 2013

lol,love this and it;s so true and is the house clean and supper is made and my boys are happy!!!that's what I tell my husband!!

Judy C (Cowan)

Monday 23rd of September 2013

Lol.....thanks for the giggle!


Monday 23rd of September 2013

That last 20 minutes before hubby gets home is a bit of a race to at least scoop up toys if night or when he has worked nights, trying to get us all dressed. Just nice to not have to walk into a disaster area, funny when I am working I come home to a hot mess