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Run, Jump and Play with New Balance and their 689 kids shoes!

Run, jump, play…
Run, jump, play…
Run, jump, play.

Yup that is the routine of a child and for the most part that is it.  Throw in the occasional temper tantrum and you’ve pretty much described the everyday child.  So as a parent we need to provide everything they need so they can achieve the run, jump, play that allows them to be a kid.

Welcome New Balance and their 689 kids shoes.

Forest Gump’s famous line of “those look like really comfortable shoes” fits with these shoes 100%.  And while they may not be running across the USA for 3 years, these are comfortable shoes according to 7 year old Kate.  My daughter loves these shoes and they have become her new schools shoes.  She comes home and shares how she loves them and loves the rainbow colors and that they make her run fast!

kids shoes

Kate loves gym class and as such needs comfortable supportive shoes.  I love that New Balance meets this criteria.  Being supportive and light makes the 689 a sure fit for my child.

Like any 7 year old girl (or any girl for that matter) fashion matters…big time.  Luckily New Balance has me covered here.  With a “super cool” rainbow pattern and stylish form, these shoes are “ok” for school.  Complete with function and fashion, these shoes are perfect for school.  And with a price tag of around $50, they fit our budget for quality & style.

Growing up I knew I was hard on shoes and no matter what I did, I could not keep them together for more than a couple months.  My daughter has had these new shoes for a while and they still work and look just as well as when she brought them to school.

With a leather and mesh construction uppers and a solid rubber base with a cushion in the middle, these shoes are made to last.

And with the non marking sole, they make them a good choice that teachers approve of!

These shoes are a hit with our daughter so I just had to share my thoughts of them with you!

I would love to be able to offer a giveaway of some new balance kids shoes. If I would be able to set something up down the road, which pair of shoes (adult or child) would you choose? Visit New Balance and leave the name of the pair of shoes in the comments.
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Wednesday 7th of November 2012

New Balance makes terrific shoes...the KV516BBP style would be perfect for my 4 year old son!

Thanks for posting. Cheers, Lisa