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Rayman Origins by Ubisoft

Sometimes you pick a game off the shelf and think to yourself “This game is just a little weird”.  And yet something inside tells you that this game could be really fun to play.  Rayman Origins was that kind of game for me.  The Rayman Franchise has been around a long time and every time I play a Rayman game I am impressed by it’s outside-the-box thinking and fun game play.

Rayman Origins begins with Rayman and his friends snoring, eating and having a good time.  Soon they discover their “neighbors” don’t enjoy the snoring and music going on as they have a fight on their hands.  Rayman and his friends find themselves once again needing to free the Bubble Dreamer from his nightmares.

I really enjoyed the progression of this game.  The beginning was simple enough to get the basic game play down.  Although soon enough you find yourself challenged to complete levels.  The new powers and characters obtained throughout the game keep your interest and add new ways to take care of your enemies and move through levels.  The desire of finishing 100% of the game makes you go back and redo levels you did before.  And the boss battles are unique and challenging.

Is Rayman Origins off the wall?  Yes.  But that is what makes playing this game so much fun.  Combine fun with great control, challenge, and game variety and Ubisoft has a winner.

Craig is a self proclaimed geek with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems.  Craig has been working in technology for over 10 years and involved in video games a lot longer than that!  He is married to Angela, the blog assistant for Mommy Moment, and together they have 2 children.

Stefanie Nicholas

Saturday 31st of March 2012

This is my fave game of the year, especially the Vita version! (We used to have the PS3 version with two player) It's so fun to have on the go. They did so dismally when it released on PS3 - I hope they make up the sales on the Vita console!