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5 Tips on raising an imaginative child

In the world of technology it’s sometimes toys without batteries (gasp) that help keep a child’s imagination alive.

raising imaginative child

5 Tips on raising an imaginative child

1) Encourage Pretend Play – Both of my daughters love to play, they have had imaginary friends and are often captured in a magical world of play. We encourage our children to use their imaginations and love to listen to all the hilarious tales they find themselves in.  Lala-Oopsies, the newest editions to the Lalaloopsy family have quickly become part of our girls magical adventures. They love the Lala-Oopsie Princess Ballerinas, Mini Lala-Oopsie Horses with the spiral hair and the Lala-Oopsie Littles Fairies.

Mini Lala Oopsie Horse

2) Turn Off Technology & Add Music – I find that turning on the music and turning off the electronics creates a great environment for imaginative play. We change up the types of music and enjoy seeing how the different genres of music changes the dynamics of their magical play.

3) Have Craft Supplies Available – Having craft supplies available and not being worried of a bit of a mess allows for children to use their creative energy and imagination to come alive.

4) Go With The Flow – If your child is like mine and wants to wear leg warmers on her arms and a tutu over her pants to preschool, why not let her. I want my daughter to feel comfortable and confident enough to explore who she is and not limit her or her imagination.

5) Read, Read, Read – We have always spent time reading to our children. We read all kinds of book and poetry and have seen how it helps their imaginations flourish!

More About Lala-Oopsies

In a magical world, hidden behind a secret door, in LALALOOPSYLAND are Lala-Oopsie Princess Ballerinas and their friends Lala-Oopsie Littles Fairies and Mini Lala-Oopsie Horses. Lala-Oopsie Princess Ballerinas love to twirl on their twisty and bendable legs. The Fairies come with a special pod for them to sleep in and magical wings! The horses have braidable and brushable hair you can curl and style.

Recommended age: 4-104
Price: $39.99 (Lala-Oopsie Princess Ballerinas), $ 8.99 (Mini Lala-Oopsie Horses), $26.99 (Lala-Oopsie Littles Fairies)
Available at: All major retailers across Canada


Lala Oopsie Princess Anise



Sunday 21st of April 2013

My sisters girls love to play house, this doll would be an awesome addition to their collection.

Claudine Gervais

Sunday 21st of April 2013

My niece just started dance class and would dance away with this ballerina!


Sunday 21st of April 2013

My daughter age 4 wants to be a ballerina when she grows up...she loves everything about dance!!!

Sydney D

Sunday 21st of April 2013

My niece is 6 and loves all kinds of girly tihngs.

Judy W

Saturday 20th of April 2013

My granddaughter is 2 and full of imaginative play! I especially like when she "reads " me a story. Priceless!