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Perfectly Packed Lunches ~ with LunchBlox™ from Rubbermaid

Its lunch time and its time to unpack our lunches that looked so good and crisp this morning when we packaged it up.  The sad reality is lettuce goes soft and wilts, certain smells make take over an entire sandwich and food may not be as fresh as it should be.

There is hope out there in the form of a new food storage system from Rubbermaid.  The LunchBlox is a great way to pack your lunch or your child’s lunch where you know your lettuce will be crisp and fresh as it should be.  Because lets face it, there is nothing worse than soggy lettuce. Since I love making Lovable Lunches for my daughters, I couldn’t wait to try the LunchBlox.

Thanks to Rubbermaid’s new LunchBlox you now have the option of separating all your foods.  For example if you look at the Sandwich Kit, it comes with one large sandwich sized container and an additional 4 containers.  Now you may be thinking how good is having 5 containers to look after in a lunch bag.  Here is where Rubbermaid genius comes in.  All these containers snap together and form a block that can be thrown in any bag or in the Rubbermaid LunchBlox Lunch bag.  AND there is even an ice pack that can be clipped to the middle or the bottom of the containers to keep them all cool.

Now for all you salad lovers, Rubbermaid has not forgotten about you.  The LunchBlox Salad Kit is prefect for lunch time salads and keeps all the components of your salad separate till its time for you to mix what you want.  Similar to the salad LunchBlox but the main container is larger for all your “greens”.  Placed on top of that is the same container is a tray with three compartments for what ever you would like in your salad.  This week we had our daughter try this out with Taco Salad.  The bottom was lettuce and cheese and the top was hamburger, dressing, and taco chips.  This was a hit for her cause she loves salad, but not everything mixed together for half a day in a warm bag making everything soggy and not a joy to eat.

This is a great option for mom’s who want a great tasting lunch for their children.  Rubbermaid has taken the initiative of using less plastic containers for your home and making great lunches possible.  So enjoy, because the days of soggy lettuce in your lunch can now be gone.


Tara @momtwomonkeys

Sunday 1st of July 2012

The lunchblox sandwich kit


Sunday 1st of July 2012

The Lunch Blox Salad Kit would be area for toppings to stay crunchy and a dressing cup yes please :)


Sunday 1st of July 2012

I like the LunchBlox™ Sandwich Kit.


Sunday 1st of July 2012

LunchBlox™ Entrée Kit

Lori Sexton

Sunday 1st of July 2012

I like the Salad Kit