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Giveaways Ending June 10th & June 15th

We have had some wicked weather here in Southern Manitoba today. I bet the Tornado Hunter caught some more breathtaking photographs. I’m just happy that the tornado warnings have finally ended and I can get some sleep.

Most of these awesome giveaways end on Sunday, June 10th at 11:01 pm CST which technically makes it June 11th for some of you. You have until June 15th to enter to win the week at camp for your child and the trip to Punta Cana from both Pioneer Camp and Circle Square Ranch.

Don’t miss out on your chance to win these fantastic prizes!

Good Luck!

On-A-Roll Art Center (CP Toys) – Ends June 11 – CAN/US

Timeless TV Classics DVDs – Ends June 11 – CAN/US

MOMumental Book – Ends June 11 – CAN/US
Schick Prize Pack – June 11 – CAN

Bob Books – Ends June 11 – CAN/US

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