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This paper plate pie craft is guaranteed to be one of the cutest paper plate crafts you will come across and it is a lot of fun to make!

Summer is the time when Upick farms are open and fresh berries are on plants just waiting to be picked. While kids love going along to pick delicious berries (and perhaps eat more than they take home) this paper plate pie craft is a great craft idea for after the berries are picked and mom is baking that delicious berry pie!

paper plate pie craft for kids. Such a cute paper plate craft idea.


For this paper plate pie craft you will need some basic supplies.

Berry Pie Craft Supplies

MATERIALS: (I have included amazon affiliate links for your convenience) 


1. Cut your light brown paper into about 12 strips, a little under 1″ wide.

2. Now wrap your pink tissue paper squares around the eraser of your pencil.

Berry pie craft

3. Dip the wrapped paper into your Elmer’s glue then press the paper onto your paper plate.

Berry pie craft

4. Fill up the inside circle of your paper plate repeating step 3.

5. Now glue your light brown paper strips across your plate, leaving a small space in between each piece.

Berry pie craft

6. Turn your plate the opposite way and begin weaving the rest of your paper strips in and out of the others (if the children are young, they may need some extra help with this step) then glue, and trim any excess off.

Berry pie craft

Now you have the most delicious looking paper plate pie craft that will make you crave the real thing! This strawberry shortcake pie may just hit the spot!

Berry Pie Craft for kids

pie craft - a unique paper plate craft idea!


These adorable DIY HAND PAINTED WATERMELON FLOWER POTS are a cute addition to any indoor or outdoor garden space!

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Nicole Aben

Thursday 16th of February 2017

super cute my kids want to try it!


Thursday 23rd of January 2020

Thanks for the craft activity. I tutor 2-4th graders who need the extra support. National PIE day was a great way to introduce new vocabulary and encourage reading. Hands on activities also leave a lasting impression, thus vocabulary is retained and reading doesn't seem difficult to them. I also like my children are ready to share what they did with family when they are home. We try to give them a follow up activity to do with family members, they will do a pie survey, who likes what type of pie & we will graph responses the next day. This will also prepare them for Pi (mathematical) day in March.

Holly D

Wednesday 20th of July 2016

This is super cute! I love doing crafts with my nieces. They'd get a kick out of this, and also the Watermelon flower pot. Bookmarked :) Thank you!