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Nature’s Path & Friends #OrganicWeek Gift Box

Canada’s National Organic Week is coming up  from September 19-27.


As I have been focusing a lot more on health and real food, I have found myself paying more attention to products that are organic when I am grocery shopping. I am impressed that the selection of organic food seems to be improving.

Organic Week is coming up and I am excited to introduce you to some amazing organic products. You will have a chance to win these products in an amazing Nature’s Path & Friends #OrganicWeek Gift Box which includes ($100 value):

  • Nature’s Path delicious granolas including Pumpkin Flax Granola and Coconut Chia Granola, as well as tasty and healthful Flax Plus Flakes Cereal . (My girls love this granola added to homemade parfaits)
  • EnviroKidz children’s cereal that moms and kids love, Peanut  Butter Panda Puffs Cereal. (This cereal is a fun weekend breakfast treat that the girls really enjoy)
  • Que Pasa Mexican Foods premium organic salsa. (This salsa is such a treat for the whole family. It is chunky with the right amount of heat to satisfy all our taste buds)
  • Amy’s Kitchen Lentil Vegetable Soup – Full of vegetables, including green beans, tomatoes, and spinach in a flavourful lentil base. This soup is prepared with the same careful attention you use at home and is vegan, gluten free, and dairy free. (This is my 10 year olds favorite soup – she eats it at least once a week, and loves to have it in a thermos heated up for school lunch)
  • Camino Simply Dark Hot ChocolateCreated for the dairy conscious, Camino’s simply dark hot chocolate is incredibly rich and delicious, and is literally made with dark chocolate as an ingredient for an extra indulgent taste. (My girls think nothing is better that to sip hot cocoa by the fire place on cool evenings, this will be sure to hit the spot)
  • Crofter’s Organic JamNative to North America, Crofter’s blueberries are wild harvested in nearby Quebec. These intensely colored lowbush berries are far more petite and flavor-packed than the cultivated highbush variety common to the produce section at your neighborhood grocery. (My 7 year old is a jam fanatic – I love that these berries are wild from Canada!)
  • Earthbound Farm OrganicFree product voucher good for any Earthbound Farm product (The fresh salads are great, but I also love their frozen variety of products – the frozen pineapple is a yummy treat)
  • Ethical Bean CoffeeEvery cup of Ethical Bean Coffee has been crafted with one simple objective in mind: To make the best Fairtrade certified Organic coffee on the planet. Period. Because as far as we’re concerned, doing something good should be rewarded with something that tastes spectacular. (Coffee, fairtrade, organic, delicious…need I say more? Mmm!)
  • Happy Planet Fresh SoupsFree product voucher redeemable for any Happy Planet Fresh Soup including yummy new single serve organic Portuguese Kale & White Bean.  Happy Planet Fresh Soups draw inspiration from cuisines from around the world and are made in small kettle batches in BC & Ontario. They have tons of delicious organic, dairy free and vegan options to choose from! (I have not tried the the newest soup, but I will be on the lookout – it sounds so delicious, and I love that it is made in small batches – have you tried this one?)
  • Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Hearts – Organic Hemp Hearts taste great, are easy to use and nutritious too! Packed with 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of omegas per 30 gram serving, they’re great in salads, cereal, yogurt and baking. OrganicHemp Hearts are paleo-friendly, vegan and Non-GMO. (These are a staple in our home – so good for you and yummy too. we add them to many dishes and even enjoy them on their own)
  • PRANA Kilimanjaro Organic Deluxe Chocolate Trail Mix – Delicious vegan chocolate chunks, crunchy nuts and dried fruits to give you a snack that is perfect for all occasions. With chocolate chunks as the #1 ingredient on the list, this mix is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth while also offering a savoury taste with ingredients like walnuts, salted almonds and cashews, Sultana raisins and naturally sweetened cranberries. (This makes a wonderful gift.  My girls have also enjoyed this on road trips – an indulgent treat)
  • Pacific Foods Organic Mushroom BrothSavory mushrooms, garlic and sea salt combine to make a fragrant, rich broth worthy of your favorite soups, risottos, pasta and or any dish of your desire. (This is one of the only bought broths we have in our home. I like the ingredients and it is great to have on hand for many recipes)
  • Silver Hills BakeryFree product voucher good for any Silver Hills product including new Big Red’s Bread – big in taste and packed with 21 ancient grains and seeds. (This bread is the bread we purchase for our daughters for school – besides fresh sourdough bread, this is the only one in our home. We are big fans)

#OrganicWeek Prize

Almost all of these items are regular staples in our house, so when this box arrived, we were happy to see so many favorites we already knew we loved. Of course it was a great treat to try some new products too.

Why love organic?

Your food choices matter. Every time you choose something to eat, you cast a vote for what is planted and how it’s grown. Take this box of goodies you’re about to receive – all made from wholesome, organic ingredients, they’re better for you and the soil. Organic food is crafted without harmful pesticides, GMOs or artificial flavours and synthetic sweeteners, so all you taste is real, delicious, wholefood goodness. The way all food ought to be!

Join the conversation with #OrganicWeek and watch the Nature’s Path mini movie to see why your choices

You can also learn more about Canada’s Organic Week at

Brought to you by Nature’s Path & Friends. All opinions are my own.
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Sunday 11th of October 2015

I'd love to try the Manitoba Hemp Hearts.


Sunday 11th of October 2015

I'd love to try the mushroom broth!

Betty S

Sunday 11th of October 2015

I would love to try the hemp hearts

Michelle armstrong

Saturday 10th of October 2015

I would love to try the Ethical Bean Coffee.


Saturday 10th of October 2015

love to try the Camino Simply Dark Hot Chocolate