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Our October Snackbox is Here! #Giveaway

Are you looking for delicious, healthy snack foods?  Why not have them delivered right to your door?

Snackbox is a monthly subscription service that  gives you the opportunity to try sample sizes of healthy products without taking the financial risk.

Every month, Snackbox members receive 10 – 12 items carefully selected by Snackbox’s holistic nutritionist and her team of experts.  Each box will be a combination of sweet and savory snacks that are gluten free, all natural and sure to satisfy any craving!

October Snackbox

The October Snackbox is filled with delicious snacks that are perfect for that afternoon pick-me-up.

Back to Earth Weeds and Seeds Cereal ~ This cereal is produced in BC and is made suing non-GMO organic ingredients.  This cereal is a great addition to your morning yogurt, oatmeal or shakes.  Back to Earth Weeds and Seeds Cereal is lactose-free, gluten/wheat free, vegan, high in fiber, calcium, iron, protein, antioxidants and phosphorus.  $13.99 / 1lb bag

Vega One Bar ~ this nutrition bar is a plant-based choice for your active lifestyle.  This bar is made from natural, whole food ingredients including a full serving of greens.  This bar is available in Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Cherry and Double Chocolate.  $3.99 / bar

Skeet & Ikes Roasted Almonds ~ These organic almonds are roasted and seasoned for that perfect savory snack.  The healthy fats of the almonds help you feel full and satisfied.  $5.99 / bag

Runa Clean Energy Drink ~ Energy drinks can be scary, but the Runa Energy Drink is a natural energy drink.  The Guayusa leaf provides you with caffeine, antioxidants and will give you energy without the jitters, buzz or crash.  $2.99

TCHO Chocolate ~ This exquisite dark chocolate is made from scratch.  The chocolate with added addition of fruit is the perfect 3:00 treat.  $6.97

Veggie-Go Sweet Potato ~ Veggie-Go’s are the chewiest, fruitiest way to love your veggies.  This fruit-leather-like snack is made from organic fruits and veggies with no added sugar.  These are perfect to stick in the lunch box or your purse for on the go snacking.  $2.50

Quinn Popcorn ~ Every loves the addictiveness of microwave popcorn.  Quinn Popcorn is microwave popcorn reinvented with natural, delicious ingredients.  $7.99 / box

Organic Lives Raspberry Macaroon ~ Made in Vancouver, each raspberry macaroon contains the equivalent amount of antioxidants as 2 cups of fresh blueberries!  $5.50 / box

Terra Chips ~ These vegetable chips are 100% natural  with each one-ounce serving contains a full serving of vegetables and NO trans fats.  The flavors of taro, sweet potato, yuca, batata and parsnip mix together to achieve a satisfying balance of flavors.  $2.50

Taste of Nature ~ With this granola bar you get all the good stuff!  These bars have no additives, no artifical flavors and no fillers.  $2.25


CANADIAN Mommy Moment reader will WIN a Snackbox!  This will be the November Snackbox.

To enter, leave a blog post comment telling us which item in the October Snackbox intrigues you the most.




Brenda Penton

Friday 27th of December 2013

I'd love to try the TCHO Chocolate


Friday 27th of December 2013

I would love to try the Terra vegetable chips. I tried their Yukon Gold once and it was fabulous.


Monday 23rd of December 2013

Always wanted to try Terra Chips!


Monday 23rd of December 2013

Terra Chips


Saturday 21st of December 2013

tapaz to go