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Nextbook Premium 8 {Great Christmas Gift Idea}

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all the ladies out there.  If you are looking for a cool present for your man and can not afford a mustang this year I have the perfect suggestion for you. I would like to suggest to you the Nextbook Premium 8.  The latest tablet from the Nextbook camp is a powerful little tablet that has lots of cool features that your man will love. 

Nextbook Premium 8 : Mommy MomentFirst off this 8 inch WIFI tablet packs a punch and is very responsive.  The touch screen is very easy to use and offers a large window to spread out all your apps.  Also the Android OS 2.3 is very quick to respond to your demands as a user. 

This new model offers some changes from the Next 6 that I think dramatically improve it’s over all performance and ergonomic function.  The first thing I noted about this tablet was the 4 additional buttons on the side face of the tablet.  These additional buttons offer a quick selection for search, home screen, menu bar, and back button.  Prior to this function the user would have to search for these commonly used buttons in the task menu after making several choices.
nextbook premium 8 : Mommy MomentAnother new feature this model has is the build in 2.0mp digital camera.  Ever since I got this new tablet, it goes with me everywhere.  And as what life likes to do, situations, moments and events happen.  It is nice to know that when these happen (especially with my 3 and 6 year old), I can capture the moment forever thanks to the built in camera. 

This tablet comes with an internal memory of 4.0 GB.  If you are requiring additional space, the good folks at Nextbook have got you covered.  The tablet has been blessed with a MicroSD card reader for additional storage.  This will make it easier to fill up your Nextbook with games, music, video’s and pictures.

The App store for the Nextbook family is still the SlideMe store.  This app store offers a range of apps that will suit everyone from the pre-school to medical students and everyone in-between.  I could spend days in this app store exploring all the cool apps available to me. 

And once again there is a book reader build into the Nextbook Premium 8.  Nextbook has partnered up with Kobo to offer virtually a limitless plethora of books for all personalities.  The tablet also comes with 25 classic preloaded books.  Everything from The Bible, to War and Peace.  The reader can flip though pages with the greatest of ease and be taken away to far away lands only limited to their imaginations. 

I love this tablet.  It is great alternative to some of the other ones out there.  And when you figure in the low price of $299, this is a steal of a deal.  As far as my opinion goes, I would love a Mustang for Christmas, however if I opened this present on Christmas with my family, I would be very pleased. 

Merry Christmas everyone. For other great gift ideas check out the Mommy Moment Gift Guide!

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Not So Average Mama

Saturday 12th of November 2011

Interesting! I've never heard of this tablet before.