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The new products from Kellogg’s have our kids smiling!

Hey parents, it that time of year again when we have to start packing lunches and getting fast healthy breakfasts on the table.  And luckily Kellogg’s has some great healthy options for you and your kids.

Breakfasts can be a challenge, especially if there are chocolate lovers in your home.  Kellogg’s has introduced Krave, a new cereal that is sure to please any chocolate lover.  In either chocolate or double chocolate this whole grain cereal is a great tasting option for the chocolate lover in your home.  Simply add milk and you got a breakfast that is ready to go. If you are in a rush, just pack some dry Krave in a container to go, my girls LOVE eating Krave as is for a fun snack.

If you are a yogurt lover you know how delicious granola can be with it.  That is why Kellogg’s now has Special K granola.  This granola has 50% less fat per serving than the leading granola.  Made with clusters of whole grains, this is a great tasting granola to eat on it’s own, with yogurt or with milk and berries.

When it comes the snack bars Special K’s new Cinnamon and Brown Sugar and Chocolate Crisps is a great lunch time favorite or a quick snack for you.  The Crisps are a crispy bar that is filled with Cinnamon and brown sugar or Chocolate.  They are less than 100 calories per serving and taste great.  One of the reasons I love them so much for my kids is they are not messy.  One easy to handle bar that has the filling contained inside the bar to keep it in the bar and not on their hands.

Kellogg’s is giving you some great options as you get your kids ready for school.  Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and your kids need this energy for the day ahead of them as they learn and get prepared for what this world will throw at them.

I’m happy to be part of the Kelloggers Network!