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A Netflix Canada subscription makes a great Mother’s Day gift {6 month subscription #giveaway}

So ladies,  if you wanted to spend a night at home vegging after the kiddos are in bed and you decided you wanted to watch a great chick flick, you would either have to send you hubby to go rent it (HaHa) or you would have to get him to stay home with the kids while you go get dressed, go to the movie store, agonize with all the movies you want to watch only to discover the best one’s are rented, stand in line to rent it, buy some impulse snack food items (at a ridiculously inflated price), go home, enjoy movie only to return it the next day. Not sure about you, but that relaxing night at home does not sound so exciting right about now. If it were me, I would much rather press play on the computer, mobile device, specialized TV or gaming platform and get comfortable on the couch.

Netflix has revolutionized the way we watch TV and movies.  With a simple, easy and inexpensive monthly subscription of $7.99 a month you can have unlimited access to the Netflix Canada data base of Movies and TV shows.  When it comes to movies there is everything from new release titles to some of the classics.  From X-Men First Class, the original Miracle on 34th Street, and the Blue Planet documentary series, the choice comes down to you…all with relative ease, in the comfort of home.

As a mom, I am so happy that my children have also discovered the Netflix just for kids section. They have fallen in love with some of the cartoons that I know are safe for them to watch.  As a mom I love that I  have the ability to screen what is watched on our Netflix subscription via the parental control settings.  This ensures that the children will not accidentally or intentionally watch something they should not be exposed too.

As for TV series, they have that covered too.  Lately when I have been busy catching up with everything at the end of the day, My hubby has been catching up on Saturday Night Live sketches, tributes and best of’s.  He loves that he can watch these classics commercial free!

As an indecisive woman, I love that Netflix keeps track of your viewing habits and will recommend movies that are more suited to your taste profile.  You can answer questions about various movies that will assist Netflix to come up with recommendations for you.  These recommendations have proved to be very accurate,  I have used them on several occasions and have been pleasantly surprised.

Hey men, if you are looking for that perfect gift for Mother’s Day, check out Netflix and the whole family will benefit!

Wondering if this a great investment? Yes.  Netflix is so confident in their product that they will offer your first month free.  And you can quit you subscription at any time with no worries or hassles.  This is a great alternative to renting movies from the store and much cheaper, for $7.99 month for unlimited movies and TV shows, you can’t go wrong.

Giveaway Moment:

One Lucky Canadian Mommy Moment Reader will win a 6 month Netflix subscription.

***Open to Canada Only!***

You can enter to win on Mom Vs The Boys, Mommy Kat and Kids and on My Wee View.

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ami b

Sunday 13th of May 2012

Breakfast at Tiffanys

Jacki Ball (Duncan)

Sunday 13th of May 2012

All of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are my favorite movies!


Sunday 13th of May 2012

I have too many to list one, but my favourite chick flick is my Best Friend's Wedding (because I totally thought my husband's female bff was gonna pull that trick on us and didn't...turns out we're buds) and my favourite husband movie is Transformers - He loves that Bumblebee turns my crank.


Sunday 13th of May 2012

My favorite movies are Dirty Dancing and Footloose (I couldn't pick just 1!)


Sunday 13th of May 2012