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Join the #MyBTSHack Twitter Party with @CSTConsultants on August 27 at 9pm EST

It’s hard to believe that the back-to-school season is upon us. Parents are busy trying to get all the school supplies ready and at the same time trying to figure out ways to make the school year go as smooth as possible. CST Consultants wants to know how you make the back-to-school season easier.

I always put frozen berries in my girls thermos with yogurt so the yogurt does not get warm. When my girls want slices of apples in their lunch, I slice the apple, put it back together and use an elastic band to secure it to keep it form getting brown. There are so many awesome hacks to make the this season run a little smoother, we want to hear what your best back-to-school hacks are. Whether they save time, save money or just make life easier, come tell us about them at the @CSTConsultants #MyBTSHack Twitter party!


Join us on Thursday, August 27th at 9pm EST to chat about:

  • back-to-school hack
  • money-saving tips
  • meal ideas

There will be (5) five $75 Visa gift cards.

Prizes are open to Canadian residents only, but everyone is welcome to join in the conversation! Check out the full contest rules and regs and be sure to RSVP below to let us know you’ll be joining in! I can’t wait to hear all your hacks and tips for back-to-school.

Date: August 27, 2015

Time: 9pm – 10pm EST

Twitter Party Hashtag: #MyBTSHack

Hosts: @mommykatandkids@momvstheboys@mommymomentblog

Sponsor: @CSTConsultants

Prizing- Five $75 Visa Gift Cards

Elizabeth Matthiesen

Sunday 23rd of August 2015

I like the idea of putting frozen berries in yoghurt to keep it cool, thanks for the tip :-)