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Monsters, how to get rid of the ones hiding in your closet #Cartoon


If you have children, you have most likely had to deal with the Monsters in the closet or the monster hiding under the bed.


This cartoon demonstrates one way to get rid of those scary monsters.

So tell me, how do you deal with the monsters hiding in your house?

Do you:

  • clean their room and show them there are none?
  • spray them with “Monster Go Away Spray”?
  • use the Monster Finder App on your smartphone?
  • tell them not all monsters are bad (ie: cookie monster, elmo etc).

Monsters can be a very scary thing, especially for those children with a vivid imagination.

See you again next week for another Carl’s Life Cartoon!

Cory Graham is married to his university sweetheart and father of two children. Drawing Carl’s Life cartoons helps him to express that, what comes naturally to most, does not come naturally to all. All of life’s short comings are funny given enough distance and the right angle. Cory’s main philosophy is, “Live life and laugh at it”. You can follow Cory @FamilySatire.


Wednesday 7th of November 2012

I tried everything - then I tried Norbert the Nightmare Nibbler....and voila - no more nightmares!! :) I got mine from and it really worked! It's a plush monster that eats nightmares and bad dreams, and comes with a really nice book that tells 'Norberts' story :)


Sunday 4th of November 2012

I had a little saying I would say, it was kind of funny made up word which would make them laugh and forget about being scared. It always worked.


Saturday 3rd of November 2012

We just dealt with this last night and I ended up sleeping on the floor :( Got to figure out a way to get rid of those monsters forever!