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Spending one-on-one time with your children will create more secure and confident children and also reduce sibling rivalry.  Children crave alone time with their parents and by having some mommy and me time, your kids will not need to clamor for your attention all at once.

Mommy and Me Time Ideas


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Finger Painting — paint portraits of each other.

Yoga — find a class near you or watch a Youtube video.

Scrapbook photos of a favorite day.

Movie Night (or afternoon) – don’t forget the popcorn!

Manicures and/or Pedicures — head to a salon or paint each other’s nails at home!

Go to the zoo — see how many different animals you can spot.

Go to a museum.

Bake cupcakes or cookies — use fun cupcake liners in your child’s favorite color or design.

Go on a scavenger hunt — on warmer days have the scavenger hunt outside.  On colder days you could always make a mall scavenger hunt.

Go to the pool.

Have a dance party — turn up your favorite tunes on the radio and dance with joy.

Go on a picnic — pack a picnic basket with your favorite foods and head to the park.

Have hot chocolate at a coffee shop.

Go to a petting zoo.

Arcade date – (great idea for moms and their sons!)

Go mini-golfing.

Plant flowers or a garden – here are some great tips for kids’ container gardening.

Go for a walk.

Go on a bike ride.

Make a seasonal craft – like a Teacup Bird Feeder, Handpainted Watermelon Flower PotFall Wreath or DIY Christmas Felt Pine Tree.

Play a board game.


Use some allowance money to go shopping.

Head to the library and take out your favorite books.

Go fishing — boys might get a kick out of baiting the hook for their moms :).

Whatever you decide to do, your kids will love it.  Remember, children just want to spend time with YOU and to feel special.

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