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Minimize Monday ~ Even Little Things Count! {Linky}

Hard to believe another weekend is gone and now that so many boxes of stuff are gone from me participating in the Bargains for Kids sale I was not sure what I would get rid of and post about. (FYI, with the stuff I sold at the consignment sale and a few other things I made over $500!!! This money will be used to go away for a weekend later this month for our 11th Wedding Anniversary!)

Well, this week I had a bunch of babies in my house to make the GERBER GRADUATES video (You can enter to win a $150 Gerber graduate Prize Pack). One of the little girls, Nadia has fine hair and I remembered that when my girls were wee ones I used tiny clips in their hair. I asked Nadia’s mom Angie if she would like them and she was thrilled to take them off my hands.

Although It was not a huge item, it is still something out of the house that I no longer had a use for. It felt good that I could give the clips to another little one who could make use of them!