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Minimize Monday #Linky

We celebrated Jane’s 4th birthday this weekend. Crazy how quickly the time passes….and crazy how many birthday gifts have filled our home too.

I think we will be making a trip to drop of some toys at the local thrift store soon.

I have not really gotten rid of anything this week except for some of the left over construction scraps which made an awesome bonfire after the birthday party Sunday night.

I’ll have to write a post soon with pictures to show you the progress of our renovation/addition! We have the concrete, floor joists and sub floor done and can’t wait to see the walls go up soon too.

Minimize Monday : Mommy Moment

Denise G

Wednesday 25th of July 2012

Great idea! I could really use this motivation! Hopefully I will be linking up next Monday!

Jody @ Mommy Moment

Wednesday 25th of July 2012

I hope to see you link up! Have a great day :)


Tuesday 24th of July 2012

Birthdays are the perfect time to evaluate the toys. And I can't wait to see your photos of your reno - burning the excess reno stuff counts, too!

Jody @ Mommy Moment

Wednesday 25th of July 2012

I can't wait to be able to take photos of the addition/reno...SO EXCITING!