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Quotes for You and Me ~ Burning Desire & Success

It is in the quiet moments, often by the fire, when I feel God speaking to me.

This quote may mean something different to everyone.

I have a constant burning desire within me to encourage others. There have been many, many moments when I have been blessed with the opportunity to encourage someone and remind them how smart, beautiful and important they are. If building others up and encouraging them gives them even a tiny glimpse of this truth…

I have achieved success.

What does success look like to you?

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Happy Sunday and God bless!

I took this photo while sitting by the fire last night, it was a beautiful evening. It was wonderful to relax and reflect and thank God for the blessing in my life.

Katherine G

Wednesday 25th of July 2012

Love this quote!!


Monday 23rd of July 2012

Hello, This is so true. For me success is accomplishing all things that makes you happy and at the same time helping other people.