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Building, Destroying and Building – Playtime for a Boy

Being a Mom to a little boy has presented some challenges.  I grew up in a family of 3 girls — no boys.  Until I married my husband and automatically gained 3 brothers and 1 nephew, I had no understanding of how boys “played”.  Hanging out with my kids has always consisted of colouring, working on puzzles, or cuddling up to read books.  And while my son does like these activities, as he is getting older I see the little man in him beginning to come out.  He wants to build, destroy, and build again.

The Mega Bloks American Builders set allows him and I one-on-one time while his sister is at school.

Mega Bloks American Builders Set

We had fun right from first opening the box.  After opening the packages of bricks, we sorted like blocks in colors and shapes (which was a fantastic activity for my son).

Mega Bloks American Builders Set

Then we got right into building.  While my son didn’t want to do much of the building on his own, he made sure that we had all the pieces needed for each step.  His eyes seemed to pick out pieces and spot what we needed long before I found them.  This helped A LOT with the building time and made him feel useful without having to build each piece on his own.

Mega Bloks American Builders Set

After each piece we completed, we had to take a little time to play with it.  Waiting until all pieces were complete was just too much suspense, LOL 🙂  Because of this, it took 2 mornings for us to complete the builder set.  But it was great quality time spent together and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Mega Bloks American Builders Set

Mega Bloks American Builders Set

When we were finally done each and every step, my son spent hours playing with the American Builders set making up scenarios in his head — towing a vehicle, loading one onto the trailer, and just driving the jeeps around the living room.

Mega Bloks American Builders Set

Today while we were shopping, he noticed the Mega Bloks John Deere sets in store and immediately figured out that these sets were compatible with the one we built at home.  I think I know what will be going on a certain boy’s birthday wish list!

The Jeep® Off-Road Adventure is a part of the all-new Mega Bloks American Builders line. It comes with four micro action figures, two fully-buildable Jeep vehicles, accessories, and a whole lot of excitement! That’s more than enough to encourage sharing while running up or down the articulated test track!


  • Authentic buildable Expedition Jeep with sunroof and folding windshield
  • Authentic buildable Off-Road Jeep with working suspension, big rubber tires and towing chain
  • Buildable articulated bridge that can be raised or lowered
  • Four Jeep micro action figures, with a ton of outdoor accessories
  • Fun on its own or combined with other American Builders toys by Mega Bloks!



Saturday 29th of March 2014

This is great! I can't wait until my son is old enough to get into things like this! So much fun!

Chandra Christine O'Connor

Thursday 27th of March 2014

my friends little guy would love this. trucks trucks and more trucks