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Lovable Lunches – Pumpkin (citrouille in french)

Here are some of our Lovable Lunches from this past week.
I think this one was a favorite!
-Almond butter and mini Breton crackers
-“Citrouille” in Provolone cheese
-Yogurt covered raisins
-Kiwi covered with grapes and a cantaloupe pumpkin
-Cucumbers with a side of red pepper hummus.

Dear daughter loved the princess crown in this lunch even though I found it to be a bit scary. I guess it fits in well with October/Halloween themes!

This owl was pretty cute too! It was perched on a salmon sandwich.

She also had some crunchy bread sticks, grapes, blackberries, strawberries and a cantaloupe Maple leaf!
She had a side of cheese, a homemade mini muffin and a few yogurt covered raisins!

She also had a bowl of this squash soup packed in a thermos and a side of tomatoes and cucumbers.

Here is flower shaped cheese on top of a egg salad sandwich. She had a side of crunchy bread sticks with real peanut butter to dip and a hard boiled egg with a flower shaped cheese in the middle of it. Her favorite part of this lunch was the FLOWER of fruit made with kiwi, grapes, raspberries and pineapple! There were also some dried apricot flowers, 2 dark chocolate covered raisins and 2 yogurt covered raisins.

Sometimes I have to pack a lunch for dear hubby. I do not get as creative with his lunches though LOL. Here is a lunch I packed for him this week. 
Egg salad sandwich on sprouted grain bread topped with a moose made of cheese. He also had some snap peas and side of hummus.
He had some left over edges of fruit from dd’s lunch which included strawberries, cantaloupe and peaches.
He had a side of oranges and some mini cucumbers topped with a bit more cheese “LOVE“.

And just in case you wonder what I do for lunches, here is a typical lunch for me

and here is lunch for our 26 month old daughter. On this day she actually ate most of it. Some days she just nibbles!

Oooh, I almost forgot one of my favorite lunches for dd this week. It was a hard boiled egg with an acorn shaped apricot, a side of almond butter and crackers. She had some dried mini pineapple a small piece of organic cookie, some grapes and strawberries. 
She also had a peanut butter and jam sandwich topped with a big hand and little hand of cheese that was topped with the word “Grâce” which means Thanks in French! (We did not have room for Action de Grâce which translates to thanksgiving).
This was special because we just celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada!

Daddy’s lunch is often packed in these Easy Lunch Boxes which are also waste free.

What did your lunches look like this week?



Thursday 14th of October 2010

Oh that's cool that the teachers have rules about when certain foods can be eaten! I like that :)

Mommy Moment

Wednesday 13th of October 2010

Alex, She has 2 snack times and 1 lunch time. I send everything in one lunch bag. The teachers only allow them to have fruit, vegetables or crackers and cheese and morning break. If they have a granola type bar or something sweet it is saved for last break.

Marina, The metal trays are called Planet Box. You can see more about the Planet box here

Valerie, Thanks :) DD loves them so much. It makes me happy to make them for her! Dear hubby always has a good laugh when I make his- he knows he's loved!


Wednesday 13th of October 2010

Your lunches are always so cute, and look super yummy too! :)

BTW-I voted for

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog

Wednesday 13th of October 2010

Great ideas! And I love the lunch you packed for your hubby!


Wednesday 13th of October 2010

Our lunches looked NOTHING like those! Those are awesome! Can I ask where you got those metal trays? We could really use something like that and I can't find them anywhere...