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How can you create a smarter life and better planet? #Haiervalues

Someone once asked the question, how can you create a smarter life and better planet? To me this question cannot simply be answered in a mere couple of answers, but a chosen lifestyle that will consciously affect others to change along with you.

The first part of the question is to create a smarter life.

What is a smarter life is?

A smarter life for me includes daily meditation and reading what motivates me. If you wonder what a smarter life could be for you here are some suggestions:

  • Find a favorite author and study what their life was about what motivated them. You will find that this author may have traits you want to duplicate. Look at how they made a difference in the world around them for good and how they changed the lives of others.
  • Maintain physical health. Live an active lifestyle which includes exercise. Exercise does not always have to cost a lot of money. Park further away from the grocery store, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or just run around and play in the backyard with your kids.
  • Exercise your brain. Try doing some puzzles or play memory games. Enjoy a trivia night with friends or try something completely new. It does not really matter what the new activity is as long as it stretches you.
  • Maintain a balanced diet and get your sleep. Try to eat a variety of fresh food rather than the packaged varieties. Also make sure you get the sleep you need. Set a timer and be sure to go to bed when it rings.

How can we make a better planet?

The first step is to start with self-examination. What are your motives and how can your attitude match that. For some this can be picking up garbage while walking down the street while for others this could be as complex as changing government policies to enact a better world.

No matter what you do make sure you do it wholeheartedly. As we always tell our daughters, it does not matter how well you do as long as you try your best. Having a good attitude about yourself, human nature and the planet as a whole will ensure you will accomplish your goals.

The final point I will leave you with is to remember the points of view of others. This world is full of wonderful people with different thoughts. It is not our job to say if theirs are right or wrong, we need to respect what they think. Just remember your thoughts and know that no matter what love, honesty and respect will win out.

Now, I’m curious. Tell me how you can create a smarter life and better planet, and encourage positive change for generations to come. Comment below to be entered to win a Haier Energy Star Dehumidifier! Official Contest Rules.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Haier. The opinions and text are all mine. Official Contest Rules.