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Reading for the Whole Family with the Kindle Fire

Summer time is quickly coming to an end.  And many children are anticipating heading back to school.  While some are looking forward to it, many are dreading it.  But we can still keep the educational fires burning with the Kindle Fire.  Our oldest daughter is a reader.  We often find her nose buried in an early reader novel.  And she loves it.  She often complains during the summer holidays that she is not challenged and she needs to do something school related.  Thanks to the Kindle Fire we can do just that.

Kindle Fire

Reading is a fundamental skill that we all need.  And the earlier we get our children reading, the better and faster they will learn.  Now with the Kindle Fire they can start whenever they want and have the selection to assist them in their reading preferences.  To start with, there are thousands of books at your child’s fingertips.  Everything from Dr. Seuss to Charlotte’s Web can be found in the Amazon store.  With a variety of prices (and even free books) you can find something for everyone.  You can basically find an entire library’s worth of books in one tablet.  In fact you can find your child’s reading list from their school and give them a head start for the school year.  Your child can start their school year miles ahead of their peers because they already know what to expect and be prepared.  Even our daughter, who is entering grade 1, found books for her reading level – she loves using the Kindle Fire to practice her reading and if some books are too hard, she loves looking at the pictures.

reading with the kindle fire

We recently went on a lengthy road trip this summer and had the Kindle Fire with us.  Before we hit the road we filled it with a variety of books.  This was the prefect road trip companion.  The kids were reading and did not have to bring a heavy bag full of books they needed to keep track of everywhere we went.  They had one tablet with everything at their finger tips.  Thanks to the added feature of Kindle Free Time (available exclusively for the Kindle Fire) I can control what they are looking at and downloading.  With this feature you can block access to the web browser, block access to any, and/or certain types of purchases at the Amazon store, limit social media, games and many other features and options of the Kindle Fire.  Now I know that our Kindle Fire can be safe for the entire family.

The Kindle Fire is a great option for our family.  It is safe and has something for everyone.  From our 6 year old who is just learning to read, all the way to the parents who want to read about our own hobbies.  And for $149.92, this is a fraction of a price for many, many, many books you can access via your fingertips.  Reading is fun again, and I love that my kids are excited to read.  Your family members can be too with the Kindle Fire.


Sherry K

Thursday 21st of August 2014

Love to see kids read . I use a Kindle and didn't know there were so many choices for children.