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Keyless entry deadbolt with SmartCode™ from Weiser #giveaway {arv $150}

When you pick up a paper or tune into the news it is no secret, the world is a dangerous place. It is natural that we want to protect our family and loved ones, so when we had a chance to test the newest deadbolt system from Weiser, we jumped at the chance.
The Weiser Smartcode system offers 2 methods of locking that are very effective. The first is the keypad locking system. This simple to use illuminated keypad has large buttons and is simple to use. By simply entering the desired combination you can lock or unlock your door with the simple press of a couple of buttons. This locking system is powered by 4 AA batteries. And the smart people at Weiser even placed the source of power on the inside of the door to protect it from the battery killing cold Canadian weather.

The other cool feature about this deadbolt system is the ability to use a key that can be re-keyed by anyone. The Smart Key technology from Weiser makes it so simple that anyone can re-key your locks in 3 easy steps, with the proper tool and working key of course. This is very handy for contractors, neighbors, or in case you lose your keys. Keys can very simply be changed to suit your needs. This technology makes it possible to have all the locks in your home under the same key.

Weiser has provided the top six reasons to re-key with SmartKey:

1.         Lost, stolen or unreturned Keys

2.         Recently moved

3.         Increased security

4.         One-key convenience for all Weiser locks

5.         Tenant turnover

6.         Remodeling, upgrading or updating

The one issue I had with this product was the promise of a simple installation. While it appeared simple, the promise of installation in minutes did not come true. My lack of carpentry skills and the wrong plate may have played into the reason for this taking so long. Once I figured out that we needed a different part it was installed and is now working well.

Weiser smartcode

SmartKey’s patented design includes BumpGuard for improved security against lock bumping; an attack technique that can defeat conventional pin and tumbler locks. SmartKey is pick resistant and passes the highest test standard against lock picking.

SmartKey is available in a wide variety of finishes and styles including handlesets, knobs, levers and an ANSI Grade 1 deadbolt  certified as the highest level of residential security.

After playing with this new security system, I would highly this security system for anyone. We all know the dangers that are lurking in society. Knowing that I have this technology in place, makes me feel safe when I leave the house.

For more information and SmartKey re-key demonstration please visit:

Giveaway Moment:

1 Lucky Canadian reader will win a keyless entry deadbolt with SmartCode™ from Weiser. Retail value is $150.

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Katherine Williams

Monday 26th of March 2012

The Venetian Bronze is just gorgeous! That colour would certainly be my choice. :)

Judy Williams

Sunday 25th of March 2012

I really like satin nickel


Sunday 25th of March 2012

satin nickel - I like these alot


Sunday 25th of March 2012

Venetion is my choice

Linda B

Sunday 25th of March 2012

Teenagers can't sneak in anymore - this makes a beeping sound when opened!!