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I live in a very Mennonite heritage rich community.  Which means, that growing up our breakfasts, lunches and suppers all centered around Mennonite influences.  Now that I have my own home, I have introduced some new meals for my family, but the majority of our food still has those great Mennonite food influences.

Join us for the #HowDoYouJohnsonville Twitter party with special guest Chef Mark McEwan to discuss regional food, local ingredients and how you incorporate regional heritage and influences into food.


The twitter party will take place on Saturday, April 2nd between 8-9 PM EST, leading up to the Chopped season finale!

Prizes will include $50 Johnsonville coupons, redeemable for free product, Visa Gift Cards and a GRAND PRIZE winner will receive $200 in Johnsonville coupons, redeemable for free product and $320 Visa Gift Card!!  You don’t want to miss it!

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