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iWatchLife Smart Home Video Monitoring Camera #giveaway (arv $279)

Have you ever gone out and wondered if the house cleaner was cleaning, or the trades people where being paid to sit on their duffs all day or worse, the house was being robbed of its innocents by the teenagers having a bigger party that you could ever imagine. Wonder no more thanks to the good folks at

iWatchLife has encapsulated the technology of webcams with home security and mobile devices. iWatchLife home security system can work with either a webcam or their iWatchLife camera into a home video monitoring system. From any computer or your smart device you can see what is happening in your home simply by logging into their website or using their app. Trying this while out shopping is pretty cool. OK it’s time for a confession; some of you may know that I am super paranoid about leaving the house and not checking the stove at least half a dozen times to make sure that I did turn the element off. Now that I have the iWatchLife camera I can go shopping and simply check on my iPhone if my home is safe and secure. I can even take a picture to ensure that I did turn the element off and refer back to it half a dozen times…just to make sure. With e-mail notifications about “Major Scene Changes” I also have the added bonus of knowing when something has happened in my home.

iWatchLife IP Camera

You can see the iWatchLife Camera & the live screen of my husbnad taking a photo

What I love about the iWatchLife is its versatility and ability to detect sound and that it can be used in low lighting conditions. Really handy for when I need to check and see if the boogeyman is downstairs when I need a late night glass of milk. The other cool part is it can be wireless. This means that all you need is a power source in your home and you can install this camera anywhere.

While using the iWatchLife camera I do not have to worry about using up precious valuable bandwidth. According to their website iWatchLife boasts that they offer great security service while using 4 times less bandwidth than any other system available. This allows me to still play all the games I want on line and not slow my playing time down.

This is a good system that will offer you something that money cannot buy…peace of mind. This low cost system will make it easier for you to leave home in peace and let you concentrate on your more pressing business at hand. Whether it is watching the contractors, babysitter or simply and elderly loved one trying to stay independent, I can rest in peace knowing they are ok.

Giveaway Moment:

One Lucky Mommy Moment Reader will win an iWatchLife IP camera (arv $279)

Open to US and Canadian Residents (excluding Quebec).

iWatchLife Camera

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Teresa M.

Thursday 20th of December 2012

I would have Sara take care of the flat while away.

brian e.

Sunday 26th of February 2012

Thanks for the giveaway...we would like to monitor a detached garage. senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

Huston Smith

Sunday 26th of February 2012

So my little girl ca see me from 2600 miles away.

Michelle W

Sunday 26th of February 2012

I would love to be able to check on my pets while I am out

Valerie Taylor Mabrey

Sunday 26th of February 2012

My daughter would love it and think I am the cool mom with the cool new toy vmkids3 at msn dot com