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The costs associated with back to school shopping while sending your little ones to school in fall continue to increase each year.

Many parents start looking for deals as soon as their kids start their summer break.

Whether your children are starting college or kindergarten, there are ways to source everything they need without putting too much stress on your finances.

Tips on saving money on back to school shopping


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You very well may already have many of the things you need to prepare your kids for school.

Check desk drawers, closets and bins around your house as they may hold some of the hidden treasures that can save you time and money.

Start by taking inventory of all the supplies you already have on hand and put them together in an easy to access location.

Make a list of the things you already have and keep it on hand. This will help to prevent you from overspending when school shopping.

It is also a good idea to go through your children’s closets to see what clothing they have.

Sort through the clothes that are worn or outgrown and donate those items or toss them.

Once you have finished organizing everything, you will have a more in-depth idea of the items you truly need to purchase.


Garage sales can be the jackpot when it comes to school supplies.

Anything from clothing and backpacks to gently used shoes and other supplies can be picked up for a good price at your local garage sale.

You can also find amazing deals by shopping at thrift stores.  Many stores will run promotions and sales for parents shopping for back to school items.

While clothing is inexpensive, you have to make sure to start shopping as early as possible as the items will go quickly.

Back to school shopping tips and tricks


As your children grow, they may insist upon having the most “in” items.

Name brand clothing and expensive character focused backpacks, binders and lunch boxes will quickly destroy any budget you had set.

The truth is, most of these trendy items may not be made to last the long term.  This will mean you will have to replace them before the school year is over.

It is important to set limits with your children and speak with them about finances.

Show them the difference between the quality made items and cheaply made items, and teach them more about money management.

If you can afford it, allow your kids to choose 1 or 2 “trendy” items.  Keep it simple and make it clear the rest of the items will be purchased at value prices.

Check out your local dollar store to find deals on these school supplies.

Back to school shopping doesn’t have to break the bank or cause you to break a sweat. Just make sure to do a check to see what items you already have, shop garage sales and set limits.

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