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Are you tired of buying your spices from the store? Do you want to start your own herb garden, but aren’t sure you have the skills? Luckily, a herb garden is one of the easiest gardens to grow.

How to make a herb garden. Tips for whether you want to grow your herbs in your yard or in the house.

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Whether you want to grow a herb garden in your yard or in the house, here’s how to make your own herb garden:

CHOOSE THE HERBS YOU WANT TO GROW: Almost any herb will grow in a herb garden. Choose herbs that you use most often. When you start out, you may want to do 5 or 6 herbs. If you want to grow herbs together in one pot inside, you will want to choose herbs that go together. Not all herbs can live together, so when you are making an indoor pot you want to choose herbs that grow well together. Here is a breakdown:

  • Mediterranean Herbs: These herbs like dry, sandy soil best and grow better without a lot of water. You can grow Sage, thyme, marjoram, oregano and lavender in a window box together. They also prefer a lot of sunlight.
  • Moisture and Sun: Tarragon, cilantro, and basil prefer to have lots of moisture. If you plant any of these, you will want to plant them in a separate pot, however, they also love sunlight.
  • Shade Tolerant Herbs: Some herbs can do very well without sunlight. Though they still need some sunlight, chives, parsley, mint, cilantro and lemon balm can do well with minimal light.
  • Herbs to Plant Alone: Though herbs that have the same water and sunlight needs can grow well together, it is recommended to plant mint and garlic alone.

PREPARE YOUR SOIL: Based on the needs of the herbs you choose, prepare your soil in a window pot or indoor pot. Make sure all soil is a little moist in order to plant your seeds.

HARVEST OFTEN: Be sure to harvest your herbs often so they continue to grow. The more you harvest, the more herbs you will get.

FREEZE OR DRY YOUR HERBS: If you harvest more than you need, you can freeze or dry your herbs so you have them available throughout the year.

Planting and growing herbs are some of the easiest indoor plants to maintain. Try to give your sunlight plants at least 8-10 hours of sunlight, and enjoy!

Do you have any tips you want to add? We would love to hear them!

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Luisa Arch

Tuesday 4th of October 2016

Great article!!! My husband just mentioned about starting a herb garden(a little one). I said to him you're on your own... I can't grow anything, I would kill even the house plants that don't require most efforts! After reading this article, I feel more confident and definitely will start with some cilantro, Basel and mint!!!


Monday 25th of April 2016

I always start herbs and stuff with the best of intentions but then forget to water, or use, and they all die. Sigh. I think I just have a black thumb ;)

Debbie W

Thursday 21st of April 2016

I want to do a small indoor one. It would be so pretty as well as practical.


Wednesday 20th of April 2016

I have planted herbs outside, but have not tried indoors yet.. Some great tips on what to plant inside!

Stephanie LaPlante

Wednesday 20th of April 2016

We have a herb garden and absolutely love it. It definitely needs a makeover though.