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A Mug of Hot Chocolate Cake! (Eat the Mug & All) #CakesbyErna

A Mug of Hot Chocolate Cake!

Have you ever had Hot Chocolate Cake in a mug? Have you eaten the mug?

Even the MUG in this cake is Cake…Yes, that means you can even eat THE MUG!!!

Hot Chocolate Cake

We had a blizzard a few days ago and it has been bitterly cold since then.

Of course a good old cup of hot chocolate is the perfect way to warm up.

Although hot chocolate is not my favorite thing…. cake is!

Cake that looks like a mug with some yummy hot chocolate inside topped with marshmallows.

Hot Chocolate Cake

Now that is the perfect way to warm up! Have you ever seen a cake like this? I love the flowers on the mug, they look so cheery!

Erna makes such beautiful cakes! This is one of my new favorite cakes.

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Erna is a happily married stay-at-home mom to three beautiful children. She fell in love with decorating cakes after taking some local decorating courses. She is a hobby baker and decorates cakes for her family and friends. Erna continues to do what she loves by working a few hours at a local bakery.

Viv Sluys

Tuesday 2nd of April 2013

My mom made a mug cakeonce. I love this idea.

Brenda Penton

Thursday 17th of January 2013

That is so cute!! Erna is so talented! I thought they were real mugs until I seen them sliced!


Thursday 17th of January 2013


Erika E

Wednesday 16th of January 2013

That's just amazing!

Lucie Harvey

Wednesday 16th of January 2013

Nothing else than love can come from what is done with love. This also applies to these cakes that are as delightful for the eyes than for the mouth.