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Easy Homemade Jerky

Today I am excited that my husband Trevor will be sharing is recipe for homemade Jerky with all of you.

Homemade beef jerky can be a fun tasty experiment that will make you drool for more.  This is also a recipe with no rules except what your taste buds will allow you to have.


To start with you can take any roast you have.  I used a rump roast, but you can use anything from a rump to a sirloin to a round.  This is a great way to use inexpensive cuts of meat that you might have in the bottom of your freezer.

Take your roast and take off any silver skin and excess fat.  Next slice it up very thinly.  You are looking at 1/3 of an inch or thiner.  A good quality meat slice is ideal to have here.

Next you have to soak your meat in some type of marinade.  This is where you can get your creative juices flowing.  For this recipe I mixed 1/4 cup of honey with 2 cloves of garlic and 3 tbsp of low sodium soy sauce.  Don’t forget a pinch of salt for added flavoring.  This quantities work best for 3-4 lbs of roast.

When creating your marinade be creative.  You can be sweet or spicy or both if you desire.  There are even lots of ready made marinades you can use….but this way you can claim the victory in your own unique creation.

Once you have your marinade done place it in a sealable plastic bag and add the sliced meat.  Place in your refrigerator for approx. 4-5 days.  This will allow the marinade to break down the meat and absorb the awesome flavors that will transform the meat.

After the desired amount of time has passed you have some options for creating your jerky.  You can use a food dehydrator and follow the recommendations in the manufacturer.  You can also use your oven by setting the temperature to 165 and placing the meat on a fine mesh rack with a cookie sheet underneath the keep your oven clean.  Bake for 1-3 hours depending on the cut and thickness of your meat.  When using the oven the temperature is not meant cook the meat, but simply aid in the dehydration process.

All that being said my choice of making jerky involves a smoker.  I have a homemade smoker where a fire is needed.  Once again there are several commercial options out there and you can simply follow the manufacturers directions for making jerky.  However back to my creation, which I like to use a combination of apple wood and oak with poplar.  Smoke for 3-4 hours or till desired preference.


Once the meat is done it is important to let is rest naturally on a counter at room temperature.  Your home will envelop the tantalizing smell of your jerky that will cause anyone’s taste buds to water.  After 30 min of resting enjoy your creation, however sharing is optional.

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kathy downey

Friday 28th of December 2018

Making homemade is much tastier you can add so many flavors and control the salt!


Monday 28th of December 2015

Sounds delish!! I have never made my own I will have to try. Thanks for the recipe :)


Wednesday 29th of July 2015

This looks so good!!! :)

kathy downey

Thursday 11th of June 2015

I never tried using a smoker! Sure looks tasty.


Sunday 7th of June 2015

Ohhh I'll have to try this in the oven!